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She loves you, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! - Or how we treated Mom to a Beatles-themed party

We are a family of die-hard Beatles fanatics. Credit goes to our mom and dad who made sure we grew up appreciating really good music. One of our fondest memories is singing one Beatles song after another in a mean round of Videoke with my paternal uncles. 539 more words


More from Washington Mardi Gras

Day late and a dollar short? Ha never! Not when it comes to amazing Mardi Gras events. It may be Ash Wednesday, but a look back at… 135 more words


Kahel's Tutti Frutti Party

We have to admit that we love it when people come up with the trendiest, fanciest and most innovative themes for their parties.

But we also find it refreshing and exciting  when clients come to us with simple, timeless ideas and find ways to make it creative, inspiring and joyous. 335 more words

WJ's Hens Night @ Cookyn Inc.

My first hens night of the year to kickstart the many many weddings I’m gonna have this year. The thing with hens party is there is only a limited things you can do so we were cracking our brains for this dear friend of ours. 465 more words


Thinking about birthday outfits...

Like wearing Santa sweaters at Christmastime, pastel gingham at Easter and an adult diaper and quiver on Valentine’s Day, I think that birthdays are an opportunity to dress thematically. 160 more words


Making and Sharing Valentines Day Treats and Memories

I’m a huge fan of Valentines Day. Save your eye rolling and snarky “its a Hallmark holiday” comments for someone else, Daria, because this girl doesn’t want to hear it. 450 more words

For Fun

Book-themed literary parties

January has been quite busy so far! I’m back into full-time work in Marketing at UQP and loving it. This is coming to you live from my delicious lunch break. 221 more words