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A Dog-Gone Great Slumber Party

When you have a bright 9-year-old girl who loves dogs, you have to pull out the creative stops to give her the best puppy-loving slumber party she could imagine. 687 more words


Managing Themes

Themes in TKE control the look of the editor. Themes can alter the look of the window elements such as color, size, thickness, etc. They can set the colors used in syntax highlighting. 424 more words

The Blogging Journey

Is it just me, or do others out there see being a blogger as like going on a journey into the unknown?

You start out tentatively, with those awkward first posts, and that hurriedly chosen theme. 790 more words


Walden by Henry Thoreau

Caveats: this post won’t have photos and won’t detail any of my travels lately. ¬†Also, no page numbers, but Walden is FREE on Amazon for the kindle! ¬† 2,725 more words


Short Stories

I am now embarking on a new short story. As with some of my other work, it’s unfolding as I write, i.e. I don’t have a true end in mind. 356 more words