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So... This is a little scary

I feel I should give this disclaimer now. I’ve never blogged, and I’m not the most open person ever, but here we go. I started this blog to become a little more open and share my life a little more.
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A bit of workroom chaos

And this is *after* spending the better part of a day last week organizing things. I’ll never be in danger of being too neat to be creative, I guess. 47 more words

Low Blow

I think one thing I like best about this is that no one reads my blog. it’s like my personal diary, but everyone can see it, just no one does. 284 more words

Peace Love & A New Year

Half way into break and I just want Peace; In my head that is. So much has been going on and I just keep thinking about so much and Love is one of it. 388 more words