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An Artist Who Makes Art Like a Rock Star

Art isn’t as accessible as music, especially in terms of ownership. For a few bucks you can download any song that strikes your fancy, listen to an album on YouTube or simply share a song with a friend if you want. 659 more words

Jeff Koons

The Magic of an Isometric Perspective

“Our time has produced a need for contrast. This has been achieved not only in the external appearance of plastic expressions of color and matter, but also, and chiefly, in the tempo of life and in the techniques related to the daily, mechanical functions of life; namely standing, walking, driving, to lying and sitting – in short, every action which determines the content of architecture.” – Van Doesburg…

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Shapes of Van Doesburg

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“The Denaturalized Material Destruction 2,” by Theo Van Doesburg
“Heroic Movement,” by Theo Van Doesburg
“Girl with Buttercups,” by Theo Van Doesburg


Stuttgart-Weißenhof, 1927: Modern architecture comes into its own

The significance of the Werkbund exhibition on “Die Wohnung” at Stuttgart-Weißenhof in 1927 is universally attested. Organized by Mies van der Rohe two years prior, it aimed to unite the various strands of modern architecture that had been developed earlier in the decade. 5,634 more words


“. . . Ah my shadow, my dear shadow. I should write a long letter to the shadow I lost. . . “ (André Breton)

I will posit without any reservations that I’m something of a surrealist. I’m not sure what the word means, but I’m pretty sure I am one. 1,489 more words


Spot a Style: De Stijl

This is one of the easiest modern styles to spot, and it has inspired the most iconic crossover between art and fashion. It’s called De Stijl, which in Dutch simply means “The Style.” 345 more words