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So excited 

I woke up to a beautiful surprise this morning. The photograph I ordered from Carly Marie arrived!

It’s seriously gorgeous.

I’ll be ordering a print of this, along with my other pictures of Theo’s name, tonight. 27 more words

Infant Loss

Shifting priorities

Not in big ways, really. But having two kids to deal with now — even though the older one is at Kita for 8 hours a day, which is a huge help! 408 more words

Life According To Me

Designing an iOS App

I buy lots of “Art of…” books because I enjoy seeing the preproduction process as much as the finished product. For those who share my interest, here are just a few rough layouts I did when hired to help design a iOS app for children developed by… 38 more words

Art & Design

Street Lawyer 5.6

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We watched them wheel Frankie out of the house on a stretcher. Sometime in the past seven minutes, he’d lost consciousness. I’d done all I could in the meantime, but was hard to know if he’d ever wake up again. 2,857 more words

Arsenal - Not Enough Stress?!

This is the third blog looking at Arsenal from a scientific angle. Following Schrödinger’s Arsenal and Wenger’s Room I felt compelled to add a third for a trilogy of entries, those that know me well will know why. 731 more words


Pyssel: Enkla nyckelringar att göra själv!

Att själv göra nyckelringar är både roligt och lätt.

Enklare än så här blir det inte. Träpärlor, skinnband och en nyckelring.

Leta upp de träpärlor du skall använda och klipp av skinnsnöret så att alla bokstäver får plats samt lite extra både så knuten får plats och för att det är snyggt att det blir en liten snutt kvar. 201 more words

Bara Bokstäver

Street Lawyer 5.5

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A chill ran up my spine. No, actually it was more like being spooned by Jack Frost. I swallowed a hard lump and took a step forward to cover Theo. 2,227 more words