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I Mostly Post "Getting Better"

Theo has continued to be drippy, with blood in the stool, and obviously uncomfortable.  He is down to his Monday weight.  He was seen by the vet yesterday and now has metronidazole, twice daily.   41 more words


How The Dinosaurs Became Extinct

Fierce kittens.  He is getting quicker and hitting more than tapping now.


#9 FysioTim Poker - Aftermovie WPTN Valkenburg 2015

Een filmpje na het legendarisch (0 euro winnende) WPTN Valkenburg weekend.
”Het moest van Koen ;) ” De hoofdreden voor deze video.
We praten over de WPTN, de sfeer, wat we geleerd hebben en meer. 12 more words


Playful Theo

This video was taken Sunday.  Since then, I’ve brought down some small stuffed animal to play with Theo instead of my hands.  He’s been pretty gentle. 43 more words


Home Town Tour: My Sleepy Little Ohio Village

I’m excited to share today’s post with you. It’s full of fun photos of my home town. I live in a sleepy little village in northeastern Ohio. 582 more words

For Fun

Campuses Debate Rising Demands for ‘Comfort Animals’

Rachel Brill and Mary McCarthy are seniors and longtime roommates at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. This year, they share their four-bedroom campus apartment with two other female students. 99 more words

Theo has gone from pooping rocks, to totally loose, to okay.  I think the last time he had bran was Thursday, but maybe the smidge of canned food was wrong for him.   60 more words