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On the Ambiguity of the Cross*

*Or a note on whether violence can be redemptive.

The story of the cross (keeping aside, for only the briefest of moments, the story of the grave) – bursts into the Christian life in the season of Lent in order to to set us right in advance of the unfolding ambiguity of Holy Week. 550 more words


The Cross of Reality: A Personal Review

Gaylon Barker’s book about the theology of the cross in Bonhoeffer “The Cross of Reality: Luther’s Theologia Crucis and Bonhoeffer’s Christology” deserves the highest praise. Although, I have to admit, it’s also been a pain in the ass until I read it. 829 more words


"Christopraxis" - A Review

As a theologian researching the theology of the cross (theologia crucis) in Bonhoeffer, it was time for me to read Andy Root’s “Christopraxis, A Practical Theology of the Cross.” I’m not a practical theologian. 1,321 more words