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The Trinity, the Bible, and Real Theology

In my introductory theology classes, one of the first topics we tackle is the doctrine of the Trinity. As many have observed, evangelicals today are by and large lukewarm at best when it comes to the Trinity, and I see it often. 1,070 more words


A Hymn of Adoration: Introduction

The visible church is in a state of despair. Christians around the world are persecuted for their belief in the God of the Bible. Closer to home, churches in America are ravaged by apathy, complacency, and even utter antipathy, most coming from self-professing Christians. 1,091 more words


John Frame Quote on Apparent Contradictions

As regular readers of our blogs know, from time to time I tackle some of the alleged contradictions of the Bible.  You can read them in our provisional  229 more words


An Attempt to Arbitrate the Trinity Debate

In this debate, Stamps and I have been between a rock and a hard place. That is to say, both of us genuinely believe in the importance of affirming Nicene Trinitarianism as expressed in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed and clarified not only at Nicaea (325) but also at Constantinople (381) and Chalcedon (451). 1,550 more words

The Great Joy of Reading Theology: Reflections on John Webster

It is a bit odd for me to sit here and reflect on the death of a man I’ve never met. Yet, his passing has felt like the loss of a friend. 1,012 more words


Pannenberg on History and Truth for Method

Having given a brief overview of Chapter 1 of ST1 I would now like to highlight two key themes in this section of Pannenberg’s work. These two themes also play a key role in the rest of ST1. 387 more words


Wolfhart Pannenberg's Theological Method

Earlier this year I spent two weeks in a Christian university Uganda, I saw these students work through some questions like: “What is theology?” “What role should the Bible play in our doctrinal formulations?” “How can the church be a faithful witness to Christ in the world?” Although Pannenberg was far from the minds of these African students, his… 1,447 more words