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What Is Theology?

Here’s my present attempt at a definition that embraces the whole enterprise of theologizing. It aims at making clear that doing theology is an activity that invests the whole person as a living sacrifice of worship as one who is God addressed, God possessed, and God obsessed. 81 more words

Glory Of God

Matthew Vines’ Pre-commitments in His Case for Gay Christians Part 4: Knowing Homosexuals makes one lean against Biblical View?

This is part 4 of our look at Matthew Vines’ pre-commitment or starting points that prejudice him towards rejecting the Bible’s rejection of same-sex relationship even before he began researching for his book God and the Gay Christian.   634 more words


Philosophical Reflections on the Theological Method: Part 3

The results: a complete and complex system

The core doctrines always remain simple, and the work of theology is the work of applying the understanding of those doctrines to the revelations. 603 more words


Philosophical Reflections on the Theological Method: Part 2

The steps of our theological method

So without further prologue let’s begin with the steps for our method.

  1. The Goal of the method: an understanding of the demands, goals, rules, and designs which the divine being or beings have placed upon humans and the universe…
  2. 975 more words

Philosophical Reflections on the Theological Method: Part 1

One of the major critiques thrown at the religious by atheists, is that religious people are not rational. The assumption is that we are simply pure-blooded pie-in-the-sky mystics. 847 more words


Review of "The Future of Evangelical Theology" by Amos Yong

From the title “The Future of Evangelical Theology. Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora” it is evident that Amos Yong is seeking a renewal of Evangelical Theology. 1,053 more words


Review: In Defense of Theology by Clark Gordon, Clark Gordon

Gordon Clark. In Defense of Theology.
Milford, MI: Mott Media Inc, 1984. 119 pp.

Most Christians if they know anything about Gordon Clark probably know of him as a critic of Christian apologist Cornelius Van Til.  650 more words