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A Theologian's Beatitudes

Blessed are the theologically poor, for God’s kingdom belongs to them.

Blessed are those who mourn their theological impoverishment, for God himself will comfort them. 120 more words


Wesley Hill on Paul, the Trinity, and Theological Method

I interviewed Wesley Hill awhile back about his fantastic book, Paul and the Trinity. Hill’s book is one of the best books I have read in years, and was the catalyst for my current… 741 more words

Theological Interpretation

Basics for Interpreting the Book of Revelation

I didn’t grow up a Christian, but as soon as I began following Christ and attending a local church, I was almost immediately introduced to the Book of Revelation via the movie… 650 more words

Biblical Studies

Wesley on Money

I’ve been reading a book on John Wesley’s theological method for my master’s course, and found an interesting section on his teachings and practice in regard to money. 729 more words


Arguing from Silence in the Early Church

This summer Luke Stamps and I had a relatively brief interaction about penal substitution and its catholicity. One of the common objections to penal substitution is that it is not found in the early church’s theological reflection. 663 more words


St. John the Commentator

Kate Sonderegger is near the top of my ‘favorites list’ of contemporary theologians. Her books and lectures are something of a guilty pleasure since I don’t acknowledge her ordination as lawful. 278 more words


Is Nicaea Enough?

A sentiment with which I sympathize and which I hear often is that “Nicaea is enough.” By this people seem to mean that, when trying to articulate boundaries for orthodoxy and, thus, for who is and who isn’t a Christian, the Nicene Creed, or more often the Apostles’ Creed, serves as the arbiter. 1,139 more words

Systematic Theology