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Romans 11:35: God is in No Man's Debt

If God stood in any man’s debt for some part of the blueprint of salvation, He would certainly handsomely repay that person for the part he played, no matter how small.  197 more words


Next Sermon on John 9

The Blind Man’s Closing Argument

From the viewpoint of the Pharisees, the man born blind whom Jesus had healed was scarcely worthy of notice.  Almost certainly he was uneducated (there were no schools for the blind back then), and came from a poor family.  132 more words


Romans 11:34: "Who Hath Known the Mind of the Lord?"

Men have not known the mind of the Lord, and certainly He needed not take counsel with any of them.  Yea, we may rightly say that, if God had asked advice from any of the sons of men, they could only have damaged His plan, rather than enhancing it.  117 more words


Third Sermon on the 9th Commandment

The Deadly Sin of Hypocrisy

It was Job’s friend Bildad who uttered the words, “The hypocrite’s hope shall perish.”  Though much of what Job’s friends said was either inaccurate or misapplied, they nonetheless spoke much truth, this being a case in point. 102 more words


Discussion on Classical Theism with Jeff Meyers and Peter Leithart

Over the last few days in Monroe, Louisiana, I’ve enjoyed a discussion on the subject of classical theism with Peter Leithart and Jeff Meyers, hosted by Church of the Redeemer… 25 more words


Knowing God: Debating Classical Theism with Jeff Meyers and Peter Leithart

I’ve been enjoying a stimulating engagement with the classical theist understanding of God in conversation and dispute with Peter Leithart and Jeff Meyers at Church of the Redeemer in Monroe, Louisiana. 30 more words


Romans 11:33: Paul's Exclamation of Praise

Paul too found himself in awe and amazement at the wonderful things he has been describing, and thus he bursts into this glorious doxology.  To him, what he had just written was no dry theological treatise, but something that burned deeply in his heart, and filled him with hope that God not only was not yet through dealing with his kinsmen the Jews, but also had vast numbers of Gentiles yet to be called in.  188 more words