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Leftists Admit: Culture at American Colleges Is Stiflingly Leftist

Jonathan Last at the Weekly Standard suggests, “The Campus Left Begins to Implode”.  It may sound too good to be true—or at least premature—but his sources are leftists themselves, three of them, who have started to have second thoughts about the increasingly bullying left-wing culture of American colleges. 525 more words


What Women Want

No kidding, these and only these two things came in the mail today:

(1)  Current issue of National Review.  Cover story: “Jailhouse Feminism: What the raging gets right” 131 more words

Theology And Living Life

Web Comic Biblenauts Explores Bible with Humor, Compassion

A friend of a friend of a friend started drawing a Web comic a couple of months ago.  Biblenauts follows two time-traveling visitors through the stories of the Bible, starting with the first chapter. 60 more words

Theology And Living Life

Half Empty, Half Full, Runneth Over

One Christian tells his personal story: Zack Locklear, “My Biggest Struggle With Christianity”

One of the beautiful challenges of attending a secular university has been being forced to look at Christianity through a different lens from what I had been used to in the past.

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Theology And Living Life


Overheard at work (quoting from memory):

Woman 1 (recalling when she found out she was pregnant):  I told her, I can’t marry this guy—there’s no way.  

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Theology And Living Life