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Even NPR Agrees: Maybe the Culture of Fornication and the Atomization of Society Aren't Such a Good Thing

In a pair of stories this evening, NPR wonders whether some of the secular left’s remaking of society has been such a good deal for most of us, and starts to sound almost like the church, or Mark Steyn. 233 more words

Theology And Living Life

Five Facts You Didn't Know about the Inspiring Ida B. Wells

Happy 153rd birthday of teacher, journalist, civil-rights activist, Republican, and gun advocate Ida B. Wells!

Google has a “Doodle” today (see below) in honor of this remarkable and courageous woman.   760 more words


Prayers for Marriage Recommended by the Anglican Church in North America

From our bishops’ statement on the Supreme Court ruling this week:

We call our people to a season of prayer for marriage and offer the accompanying Litany and Prayer to guide us.

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Theology And Living Life

More Responses to Obergefell vs. Hodges

The Anglican Church in North America responds at some length.

Scott Walker made a great statement in response to the Supreme Court decision.

Five unelected judges have taken it upon themselves to redefine the institution of marriage, an institution that the author of this decision acknowledges ‘has been with us for millennia.’ .

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Culture > Politics

Blogging for the Hugh Hewitt show, John Schroeder reminds us that there are more important things than politics (and that politics is shaped by those things more than the other way around). 97 more words