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Happy Independence Day!

(Madeleine Stowe as Cora Munro in the great Last of the Mohicans, 1992, on the spirit of America and freedom:

They do not live their lives “by your leave”!

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Theology And Living Life

Be Strong and Holy

Worth meditating on:  Apparently the/a Greek word for “holy” also means “strong”.

In Christianity, we are called to sanctification, the lifelong process of cooperating more and more with God’s work to make us holy… 146 more words

Theology And Living Life

Happy Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

A number of intrepid souls have contributed to the cause since the last time I covered drawing Mohammed:

  • The awesome Bosch Fawstin celebrated Everybody Draw Mohammed Day last year by helping others celebrate Everybody Draw Mohammed Day—for those who wanted to join the cause but didn’t feel up to the task artistically, he offered to draw a Mohammed for each on their behalf; readers took him up on it, and…
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Theology And Living Life

Dog Bites Islamist

Your good-news story of the day:

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Officials say a dog at a Nigerian wedding party grappled with a suicide bomber until her explosives detonated, killing the animal as well.

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Dead-hand Control

Mark Steyn offers even more melancholy reflections than usual, as the soldiers of a thousand-year-old dead man draw the circle ever tighter on free expression in the West.

Theology And Living Life

The Narcissism of Transgenderism, in One Paragraph, by a Transgendered Person

A recent post by one of my left-leaning Facebook friends:

As I myself am a Visible Trans Person (whoa!), and it seems to be Trans Day of Visibility, I offer once again: Do you have a question you would like me to attempt to answer (about my gender, or gender in general, or…something else that’s on your mind)?

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Theology And Living Life