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Castro Dead

Because man is fallen, the curse of free will is that bad men eventually get into power.  Because God is merciful, the blessing of mortality is that they don’t last forever. 34 more words

Theology And Living Life

Sudden Thought, Gang

I’m glad the left has finally agreed that it’s unhealthy (for us and for our democracy) to assume bad intentions of/dehumanize/demonize/“other” those we disagree with. 30 more words

Politics And Public Policy

Things You Hear on NPR: All the News That Fits the Narrative

If NPR were really interested in reporting the news impartially (as opposed to conducting a social-engineering propaganda campaign), they would probably report on this interesting development, … 641 more words


Trial Judge: Stop Suing over Every Little Thing

Modern American culture is way too quick to sue and waste years of everyone’s life slogging it out in the sluggish court system.  Sometimes even those who make their living from this system agree. 119 more words

Theology And Living Life