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Pope Pius XII versus the Theology of the Body "experts"

This point will be discussed at length in my upcoming book. But here is the text from the Address to the Second World Congress on Fertility and Sterility of Pope Pius XII: 804 more words

Theology Of The Body

Romance and Roman Cappuccino

I remember my visit to Rome quite well. It’s hard to forget a place that magical. Even more so, it’s hard to forget a place where everything has significance. 473 more words

New Jersey

A Quote on Marital Sex falsely attributed to Pope Pius XII

There is a certain quote, which many sources say is from Pope Pius XII, which is used to justify unnatural sexual acts in marriage. I happened across the original source of the quote. 2,753 more words

Theology Of The Body

How the Basic Principles of Ethics apply to Marital Chastity

Proponents of marital unchastity, that is to say, persons who propose that certain kinds of sexual acts, traditionally called unnatural, are moral to use in Christian marriage, never explain the basic principles of ethics. 1,731 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of "Hell Burns"

I was recently introduced to the blog of Sr. Helena Burns, fsp, Hell Burns (I do love a good sense of humor). Sr. Helena specializes in the theology of the body and reviews films through that lens. 960 more words

Marriage: Radiating the Love of Christ to the World

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Blessed Pope Paul VI’s visionary letter Humanae Vitae, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver has issued a pastoral letter… 693 more words


Church Teaching on Unnatural Acts in Marriage

The Church condemns the use of contraception, even in marriage, because contraception deprives sexual acts of their procreative finality. The Church condemns homosexual acts mainly because these acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life”. 3,372 more words