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The difference between Gender Theory and talking about "gender"

In my last series of posts I attempted to demonstrate how different people use the term “gender,” and how while each person is pointing to a genuine conflict that needs to be addressed, the word itself becomes muddled. 485 more words


What is gender? OR Why the term is both meaningless and indispensible

This post is the first in a series on What is gender?

Why we need this pain-in-the-ass word.

Probably the greatest challenge in writing a blog about gender is that no one – myself included – has any idea what the damn word means. 1,716 more words


Sola Fide? Sola Politicus.

Faith alone, to me, means starting out from faith in God and moving forward from there, assuming nothing else as truth but that which the dictates of the indwelling spirit of Christ would indicate to be so. 674 more words

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What Does Pope Francis Actually Say About Transgender People?

A simple google search for “Pope Francis transgender” would lead anyone to believe that the pontiff hates transgender people with a passion. CBS ran an article called… 3,310 more words


"Call Me Caitlyn" - Commonweal (Link)

“Call Me Caitlyn” By J. Peter Nixon

The question as I see it is whether a person with a gender identity that is at variance with their chromosomal/physical gender necessarily violates the moral law if they choose to live according to their gender identity and (although this is a separate question) ultimately undergo gender reassignment surgery.

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RTST PART I: A Spirit of Hope

This post is part of a series on Resurrection Theology for the Severely Transsexed. 

What is hope?

In the Christian tradition there are a whole slew of “natural” moral virtues that a person can live up to by habitual good deeds, most notably… 810 more words


The Reality of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique of Carlos Flores’ “Stern but Necessary Critique.”

 The Reality of Transgenderism:

A Stern but Necessary Critique of Carlos Flores’
“Stern but Necessary Critique.”

It’s time to address a piece of writing that’s made quite a stir in the small intersectional world of transgenderism and Christianity. 6,062 more words