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Is Forensic Justification a Reformation Novelty?

Objection: The idea of Justification as forensic imputation is a novelty invented by the Reformers, and was unknown in the early church.

Answer: In St. Augustine’s “On the Spirit and the Letter,” he describes the meaning of Justification. 378 more words

Christian History

For You and Your Children: The Book of Acts in Baptism Debates

In the perennial debate between Credobaptists and Paedobaptists over the validity of infant baptism, the book of Acts frequently becomes the battleground over which both sides attempt to display the exegetical superiority of their baptismal stance over the other. 7,698 more words


Live the Questions

It’s nearly Christmas!  And Jo has been setting up her PT room with equipment that has been sent up from one of the care centers in the Henan Province.  791 more words

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Why are we going to China?

We’ve asked ourselves this question many times over the last 10 months or so.   A good corollary to this question would be “Why China?”.

In answering the questions “Why?” and “Why China?” for myself, I try to avoid vague, tortured justifications or glib answers.  1,194 more words

Theology & Philosophy

The Doctrines of Grace

Whose choice is it when a person is saved? Is it the person’s choice, or God’s? Some answer that it’s the person’s choice; others say it’s God’s. 2,539 more words