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I recently finished John Tettemer’s book “I Was a Monk”. The true story of a man who enters the Passionate society of monks within the Catholic church, works his way to a Counselor General in Rome, and resigns his vows after 25 years. 518 more words

Life And Death

On Faith

There’s a type of rhetoric I don’t like, which makes having faith in G-d seem irrational. It wins by a straw-man by defining faith as weakly as possible.   178 more words

On Reason/Logic

There’s a particular line of thinking that goes “we’re the ones who use logic and reason. The people who oppose us don’t. Therefore we’re right.” There’s various ways of stating this argument. 344 more words

A Revelatory Perspective on the 2016 Presdential Election

It’s been a long election, a really long election. I don’t know if any  other election has been this long, maybe it’s because I’ve been paying more attention. 480 more words

Debate "Is the New Testament God's Word?" (vs. Ijaz Ahmad)

I recently participated in two debates with Muslim apologist Ijaz Ahmad (of Calling Christians) on the debate topics, “Is the New Testament God’s Word?” as well as “What Do the Qur’an and Islamic Tradition Say About the Bible?” The debate video for the first of these two videos is up, which you may view here. 81 more words

Luis Dizon

Debate Review: Was Jesus the Son of God or Only the Prophet of God (Tony Costa vs. Ijaz Ahmad)

A few months back, the Trinity Channel hosted a debate between Dr. Tony Costa and Ijaz Ahmad on the question, “Was Jesus the Son of God or Only the Prophet of God?”, making this the latest in a long line of Christian-Muslim debates on Christology, and the first to feature Ijaz going against Dr. 2,982 more words

Luis Dizon

Rest in The Modern World

The world is becoming louder, busier, faster. It’s becoming more disorienting. As the work week increases in hours to meet the demands of the debt people have incurred in order to get the jobs so they won’t live in debt has become an ironic hamster wheel. 394 more words