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The Christian View of Scripture (Debate Notes)

by J. Luis Dizon

Those who have been following this ministry are aware that I recently participated in a debate on the Bible and the Qur’an with the Islamic apologist Dr. 64 more words

Luis Dizon

Christianity Is Hard...

The same Jesus grew to preach radical teachings such as: the first shall be last, love your enemies, grace and mercy shall transcend the law. This Prince of Peace turned tables in a marketplace of greed, shared meals with unclean people, and wept with grieving women.

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Evolving Faith...

I think for too long we’ve made Jesus just one character or episode in the Bible. If we want to see God, we look to Jesus.

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No Earthly Intercessor

Brian Zahnd hints at brilliance with his bold statement: “I see the truth out of the corner of my eye: every empire of man is built upon a lie.” If we consider but briefly the ramifications of this powerful statement, we must at some moment acknowledge  as well the proliferation of ecclesiastical imperialism: though the protestant reformation overthrew in some circles the concept of priestly intercession to God on behalf of the sinner, and opened the bible to the native tongues of the laity, it left fully intact the ecclesiastical authority to define the doctrinal boundaries of this only superficially reformed Constantinian Christianity.   272 more words

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The Root Cause of Much of Today's Terrorism

In fact, friends invariably called the 28-year-old Farook a “very nice person,” while his landlord even described him as a “very gentle person.” He enjoyed working on old cars and shooting hoops.

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Question Everything

Redemptive Violence...

I have always been a U.S. history reader since my first years of exposure to it from a gruffy old farmer/teacher in the public school system. 481 more words

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This Christmas Season...

I want to spend some time this Christmas season talking about Jesus. After all, as the old saying goes, “Jesus is the reason for the season” at least for us Chrisitans. 473 more words

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