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Are we Voices in the Dark? [G-d] in the Modern World

In an age of radical skepticism with so much information with so little trust of how much of it’s factually true, how are we to arrive at a conclusion about ? 330 more words


The Christian Bubble...

So many of us grew up sheltered in small Christian bubbles, restricted to cheesy Christian music titles and overly sanitized book selections, that we are resolved to expose our children to the beauty present in art and literature and yes, even the latest Hollywood blockbuster.   560 more words

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Reflections on the CDF’s ruling for transgender godparents

On September 1, 2015, the Bishop of Cadiz and Ceuta publicly issued his ruling regarding trans man Alex Salinas, who requested to become a godfather. At first the Bishop denied the request, but then later reversed the decision and said yes, he could be a godparent. 2,523 more words


Gluttony and the Seven Deadly Sins....

This post is peripherally to be about “The Seven Deadly Sins” that came out in the Christian church in the middle ages.  But in reality I will just be using one of them to make a broader point. 561 more words

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The difference between Gender Theory and talking about "gender"

In my last series of posts I attempted to demonstrate how different people use the term “gender,” and how while each person is pointing to a genuine conflict that needs to be addressed, the word itself becomes muddled. 485 more words


What is gender? OR Why the term is both meaningless and indispensible

This post is the first in a series on What is gender?

Why we need this pain-in-the-ass word.

Probably the greatest challenge in writing a blog about gender is that no one – myself included – has any idea what the damn word means. 1,716 more words


Sola Fide? Sola Politicus.

Faith alone, to me, means starting out from faith in God and moving forward from there, assuming nothing else as truth but that which the dictates of the indwelling spirit of Christ would indicate to be so. 674 more words

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