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Debate Review: James White vs. Joe Ventilacion (Who is God?)

Having come from the Philippines, the Iglesia ni Cristo is not an unknown name to me. They are the second largest religious group in the Philippines, after the Roman Catholic Church. 1,135 more words

Luis Dizon

Catholic Health Association Affirms Transgender Care

The Catholic Health Association of the USA has been publishing several articles about transgender care in a Catholic setting that will be reassuring to the 1 in 6 people in the US that depend on catholic hospitals for their healthcare and may have a transgender person in their family. 211 more words

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I recently finished John Tettemer’s book “I Was a Monk”. The true story of a man who enters the Passionate society of monks within the Catholic church, works his way to a Counselor General in Rome, and resigns his vows after 25 years. 518 more words

On Faith

There’s a type of rhetoric I don’t like, which makes having faith in G-d seem irrational. It wins by a straw-man by defining faith as weakly as possible.   178 more words

The church must promote wholeness for transgender people

As a church that seeks to reach out to vulnerable and marginalized people, we must consider the environment we want to create for those struggling with gender identity. 9 more words


On Reason/Logic

There’s a particular line of thinking that goes “we’re the ones who use logic and reason. The people who oppose us don’t. Therefore we’re right.” There’s various ways of stating this argument. 344 more words

A Catholic Transsexual Applauds Several Points in Latest Papal Remarks

“I happen to believe that you can’t study men; you can only get to know them.”
C. S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength
If you want to cut straight to the primary propositions of this admittedly longish essay, please scroll to the section  5,516 more words

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Here is the in depth view of the Pope's text I wish I had time to write: Transsexuality is not the same as gender theory: support transsexuals, question gender theory