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Theology Pub - Dossier - Ms. Lies

Name: Satan, Lucifer

Sex: Female/Male – Can appear as either.

Code name: Ms. Lies / Mr. Lies

Nicknames: The Serpent, Ms. Black Widow, The Devil, and many more. 213 more words


Theology Pub - Dossier - Rebecca Boone

Name: Rebecca Boone

Sex: Female

Code name: Headlights

Nicknames: Headlights, The Transporter, Beka

Year of Birth: 1988

Citizenship: Citizen of The Liberty Republic

Languages: 191 more words


Theology Pub - Dossier - Stacy Merlot

Name: Stacy Merlot – After Merlot Wine

Sex: Female

Code name: Drone Commander

Nicknames: Queen Bee. Professor M

Year of Birth: 1989

Citizenship: Dual – United States, Naturalized Citizen of The Liberty Republic… 204 more words


Theology Pub - Dossier - Jane Widow

Name: Jane Widow – after Widow Jane Bourbon

Sex: Female

Code name: Shadow Maiden

Nicknames: Mysterious Stranger

Year of Birth: 1987

Citizenship: The Liberty Republic – full citizenship… 249 more words


Theology Pub - Dossier - The New Bartender

Name: Rose Raby.

Sex: Female

Code name: Boudica

Nicknames: The New Bartender, Boss.

Year of Birth: 1997

Citizenship: The Liberty Republic – full citizenship… 148 more words


Theology Pub - Primer Volume One

The original Theology Pub went along quite nicely for quite a while before I added a Primer. People who were late comers to the series then could be educated about all the symbolism in the series without necessarily reading the whole thing from the beginning.  1,058 more words


Theology Pub - The Transporter

The trek from the pub to the warehouse was short enough to walk. I could probably run the distance in a couple of minutes.  The warehouse from the outside looked like another red brick run down warehouse.  838 more words