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In a Garden 

“We are re-humanized when our skin touches soil.” These words from our Theology Pub guest speaker, Sean Gladding, caused my train of thought to halt at Capsity, The WordHouse’s office, evangelism outpost and sometimes event space in the beginning of November. 463 more words

Theology Pub - Game Plan

“So you have the cure?”

“Blood Moon Wine, yes.  The real problem is how to deploy it.”

I glanced around the pub and knew it was October.  920 more words


Theology Pub - Blood Moon

The spell that created the cure for vampirism as actually not all that complicated.  I had it down within a couple of hours.  My problem was there was a lot of mystic interference that I couldn’t explain.  612 more words


Theology Pub - The Angel of Death

I was standing over a familiar scene of late.  Decapitated naked corpse (either male or female) and a bloated but very dead undead vampire.  The smell was the smell of death and it had happened at least ten times in the last two weeks.  1,204 more words


Theology Pub - The 100,000th Patron

The counting for this statistic is a little weird.   I have kept a running total of the number of pub visitors since I opened the doors.  543 more words


Theology Pub - Overcoming Bureaucracy

I have no love for bureaucrats.  I was about to meet one and my opinion was already tainted.  I had gotten over the emotional roller-coaster of the fact that my first wife might be ‘alive’ in vampire form still but the fact I was about to meet the guy that ordered her to be saved from her fate was about to meet me right in my own pub.  1,130 more words