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Theology Pub - The Silver Shield

I almost didn’t see the woman’s corpse when I came down the first flight of steps into the dungeon.  If it wasn’t for a glint of light that reflected back in my eye from the woman’s corpse I might of missed her form which was propped sitting against the wall.  1,012 more words


Theology Pub - The Guide

As the door to my stone room opened, I was actually greeted with a fair amount of light.  It took my eyes a while to adjust but it was clear after a few moments that the stone room I was in was actually a simple stone cottage with a thatch roof in the middle of a flowered meadow.   589 more words


Theology Pub - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through pub land
Not a patron was stirring, not even the pub band;
The stockings were hung by the fireplace with care, 639 more words


Theology Pub - Tranquility

You would think that people would still be on edge so soon after an attack.  The problem was our intelligence was too good and we found out quickly that Mr. 813 more words


Theology Pub - Tough Love

The reports I was getting from the pixies were good.  The vampires had retreated to the second bridge that crosses the river inland.  It was pretty narrow and they were crossing slowly but it meant that they had abandoned all hope of capturing the larger part of town and we literally heading to the slums of our fair city to live and hold up there.  1,122 more words


Rabyd Writer - NaNoWriMo - Changes to the Theology Pub Characters

Last week I announced that I will be taking the Theology Pub to a novel attempt for National Novel Writing Month in November.  One of my concerns is how the characters will be changed and which ones will cross over and which ones will stay behind but also how they will be different.  501 more words