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Dear Pastor

Dear Pastor,

Here we are again.

For me it is different.

For you it is exactly the same.


You spoke his name on weathered lips from pulpits where you would best shine; at a pen filled with pigs willing to eat anything -willing to eat everything. 446 more words

Mark 6 and N.T. Wright

I read commentaries and theology devotionally alongside Scripture, and one of the commentaries I enjoy are the popular “For Everyone” series by N.T. Wright.  344 more words


Holden Evening Prayer

At the beginning of the semester, some of my classmates and I started kicking around the idea of having an evening worship during the week, some kind of vespers service as a compliment to the morning chapel we attend daily. 356 more words

In the Face of Nothing

Somewhere deep in the heart of human darkness is a fear of annihilation. The fear of nothingness, the fear that what we treasure most could pass immaterial as a vapor from our lives, is the base ingredient for many other fears. 1,337 more words


Standing Before the Council of Trent

I met 20 year old me in a coffee shop this afternoon.  He doesn’t look like I did, or talk like I did.  But he has the same certainty about God, the Bible, and the afterlife that I did.  981 more words


Reason and Religion

Following is an excerpt from one of Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli’s work on reason and religion.

One of the most important questions is that of the relationship between ‘aql (reason-intellect) and the revealed law (shar’iah) – There are at least three positions regarding this issue. 270 more words


Partial Imperfection for Absolute Perfection in Creation

This following is an excerpt from Allameh Tabataba’i’s work on perfection in God’s kingdom.

It is true that there are imperfect things in the world; but the world itself was created in perfection. 155 more words