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Free Will, Accountability, and God’s Sovereignty

I have a confession to make. I do not like being called a “Calvinist.”

True, theologically speaking, Calvin and I are very much in line. That said, the terms “Calvinist” and “Calvinism” are not titles or descriptions I prefer. 5,506 more words


Faith Versus Wor...Repentance?

In all my years in studying Philosophy, it is a challenge at times to continue to love it. The reason is that even among professional thinkers, much of the conversation isn’t much more than intellectual, mental masturbation. 562 more words


The Sovereignty of God Pt.5

Evil has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people throughout the course of history. On a daily basis, we read and see people being brutally murdered, innocent lives killed lost in the Middle East, thousands of infants starving to death in Africa, hundreds of thousands of people losing their lives in the catastrophes like tsunami and earthquakes. 662 more words


Sailing, Sailing Over the...Lake

I have the privilege of having an awesome friend, Tom, who bought a sail boat. This friend invited me along a couple days ago to join him on an excursion as he continues to improve as a sailor. 425 more words


Distractions While Praying

There is another thing which greatly afflicts those who give themselves to prayer. It is the distractions which often come and carry their thoughts, and their hearts too, hither and thither. 279 more words


A Preacher

By Paul Koch

What is a Reverend?

When I sign my name to official documents such as a marriage license, I state my title as a “reverend.” When I go to a conference or have business cards printed, my name usually appears as… 745 more words

Living Word


Dear Pastor,

God’s calling on my life is to be a watchman on the wall… Not a General, just a watchman. It is a calling that I take very seriously. 1,021 more words