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Theology on Tap - Lansing Diocese - The Catholic Church and Feminism

I recently gave a talk on the topic of the Church and Feminism in the Diocese of Lansing for their Theology on Tap Young Adult group. 170 more words


Blessed Are: the Meek

A weak person can’t be gentle.

A fearless person can’t be courageous.

Gentleness is the restraint of strength. Courage is the overcoming of fear.

In the same way, being meek requires an ability…perhaps even a propensity…for its opposite. 1,005 more words

Carole Sparks

Called to be Holy

vs.13 Prepare your minds, being sober minded (serious) about Godly matters

vs.14 Be like obedient children and stay away from former worldly temptations

vs.15 God is Holy, He is your example for you to be holy too… 150 more words

Christian Living

Master Thesis Proposal: Theological Anthropology


“The Postmodern Christian Self from a Postliberal Perspective: A Comparative Study on Stanley Hauerwas’ and David H. Kelsey’s Approaches to Theological Anthropology”

Central Research Question… 528 more words


External Senses - Part 1 of 3

Here the Redemptorist Father Peter Geiermann discusses the importance of bringing the five external senses under the control of reason. He writes: “By following their senses instead of regulating their conduct according to the word of God, our first parents lost happiness and brought sin and misery into the world. 327 more words


Johann Hamann: Poetry, Language, and Human Nature

Johann Hamann is one of the most understudied and unknown philosophers, especially in the English-speaking world.  A figure of tremendous importance to history, who was called the “brightest star” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hamann came to be an influential father of the  2,451 more words


Srećna Pasha!

Hristos je kao naše pashalno jagnje prinet na žrtvu. Stoga treba da praznujemo ne sa starim kvascem niti sa kvascem zloće i nevaljalstva, već sa beskvasnim hlebovima iskrenosti i istine. 1Kor 5, 7-8