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A warning to recons on Marinov

My friend Kevin Johnson did several good criticisms of Marinov’s anti-church theology.  If someone wants to be a theonomist, that’s fine.  Just try to avoid the Rushdoony-worship and the violent anti-church theology that comes with it. 14 more words


Reading the Bible as a Coherent Story, but Not Too Much

Growing up as a new Christian, I learned a lot in a short period of time. Most of which I learned from reading the Bible. Seriously. 916 more words

The Bible

A Response to Anne Graham Lotz's Inaugural Assessment

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, spoke out recently in an article published by Prophecy in the News. She responded to Donald Trump’s inaugural prayer service, stating that even though the Christian God was represented, so many other religious presences poluted the day. 243 more words


The Relevance of the Theocracy

The Relevance of the Theocracy: The bearing of Old Testament practices on some modern problems

By Meredith Kline

(Originally posted at http://www.meredithkline.com/files/articles/Presbyterian-Guardian-February-16-1953.pdf)

More than is generally recognized, the answers to some live questions facing the Christian today depend on a right view of some “dead” Old Testament history. 1,756 more words


On 2K, Lutheran 2K, Anabaptists, Theonomy, and Germany

Proto-Protestant supplies perspective.

First, Anabaptists are out:

Westminster West’s Two Kingdom theology breaks at points with the Lutheran variety and is certainly somewhat hostile to Theonomy and yet its retention of Kuyperian Dominionism places it much closer to the Lutheran and Theonomist understandings of the Kingdom than it does to the Anabaptist.

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A Tale of Two Worldviews 

In Revolt Against Maturity, R.J. Rushdoony offers a penetrating cultural analysis that frames political and social action in terms of the doctrine of regeneration. He argues there are two primary opinions about why things seem screwy in our world: 310 more words