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You recall the issue concerning a post by one pastor (Harold Oseni) as if he was castigating the Nigeria law which criminalized homosexuality, lesbianism and same-sex marriages? 4,630 more words


Bishop Oscar Ossai has been my very good friend right from the Christian Union Fellowship days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. At a time we even formed the Gospel Music Promotions (GMP) under the national oversee-ship of the popular Decross Bookshops headquartered at Palm Grove, Lagos at that time. 1,232 more words

The end of the Law

For it was a day of DARKNESS and FIRE was atop the mountain

And the law was given and 3000 people died

No one will be justified by obeying the law… 56 more words


Christian Submission vs Belligerent Discontentment Before Civil Authorities

My heart is grieved by the growing discontentment, hostility, and anarchist attitudes by those who profess the name of Jesus Christ in America. As our nation grows more hostile, American Christians must grow more patient, longsuffering, merciful, and compassionate. 4,571 more words

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Christianity AND Libertarianism! RE: Bill Muehlenberg

I came across this blog post by a guy name Bill Muehlenberg. I know nothing about Mr. Muehlenberg and have read nothing else that he’s written. 6,665 more words



In the question and answer section of the video below, Rob Zinns very eloquently addresses the subject of theonomy and several of its modern proponents. I believe that this mindset is giving rise to a few more cults in America. 22 more words


God Rules Over All Civil Magistrates

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine! 3,133 more words

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