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J.I. Packer’s Sloppy Analysis of Reconstruction Revisited

Misrepresentation Is Easy — The Truth Is a Little Harder

By Rev. Brian M. Abshire, Ph.D.

In a interview with Christian Renewal magazine, one of evangelicalism’s preeminent authors and theologians, … 2,709 more words

All-Encompassing Gospel

The Judicial Law, as Judicial, has been Abolished | Samuel Rutherford

That this Author saith, God commanded those that transgressed his holy Law with an high hand, and presumptuously to be killed, lest they should live and profane his holy things; I defend not: But sure Erastus erreth, who will have all such to be killed by the Magistrate under the New Testament, because they were killed in the Old: Then are we to stone men that gathereth sticks on the Lord’s Day; the child that is stubborn to his Parents, the Virgins, daughters of Ministers that committeth fornication are to be put to death. 419 more words



PMT 2016-029 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I often receive queries from folks who are thinking through the issue relative to the postmillennial hope. Though not all postmillennialists are theonomic, I am. 1,026 more words


It's Not Me, It Was the Hitman

Presidential candidate Donald Trump rarely says anything I find substantive, but on March 30 he managed as much — only to recant it hours later, but that’s another story — when he was asked by CNN’s Chris Matthews if women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment,” if and when the procedure is banned in the United States. 1,360 more words


Woman As Evidence

A man can be measured only by the Word of God. Women are not the measure of men. But it is true that women are a reflection of the men around them. 105 more words


The Bahnsen Option

Is the visible church part of the temporal order? The spirituality-of-the-church answer would suggest that because the church is inherently a spiritual institution with spiritual means for spiritual ends, then it is not part of the authority in charge of temporal affairs. 581 more words

Spirituality Of The Church

Various Responses to Joe Carter's TGC article on Abortion - Updated

Joe Carter wrote an article today for TGC responding to Donald Trump’s recent statements on how there should be consequences for a woman who has an abortion, if the practice were to be outlawed. 1,100 more words