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1689 Federalism & Theonomy Are Not Compatible

I am not the first person to take up the task of writing on this topic. Brandon Adams has done so as well.. Adams and I write as two individuals who share the same position (1689 Federalism), but I want to approach it from a slightly different angle to demonstrate how 1689 Federalism and Theonomy are not compatible. 648 more words


White Sharia?

Memes are doing that thing again, where they begin to manifest as actual positions. White Sharia is one such meme. If you need proof that at one point this was simply a joke, see Anglin’s… 1,334 more words


What type of State?

I’m writing these articles about Public Theology in the context of a General Election and that should act as a cautionary reminder. Our Public Theology is likely to be affected by our context. 1,532 more words

The Christian Life

A Critique of The Godless Constitution: The First Amendment & The Case For Religious Liberty

In The Godless Constitution, two Cornell University professors by the name of Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore lay out a case for readers to prove that the United States Constitution is a godless document. 1,464 more words

Book Review

Schuon, Luther, and the Eternal Calvinist

Let us approach the question of Protestantism with a mindfulness of its differentiation, an understanding of its gravity in history, and an open mind to what merits it may conceal behind a disposition that has been rightly recognized as a challange by most Reactionary thinkers. 3,074 more words


Quiet Meditations

I took a short break from answering emails, tweeting, and other things related to my work over the last couple of days. I took a cursory glance at Ask.fm, but even this taxed me. 827 more words


So You Want the Magistrate to Enforce both Tables of the Law?

Does that make you more extreme than a Muslim? It very well may, according to Aaron Rock-Singer (you can’t make up a name like that). … 751 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum