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Studies in Mark (Pt. 8)

Today, I preached on Mark 2:18-22. Until I the audio edited and uploaded to my church wehebsite, I’ve decided to post a portion of the sermon below. 735 more words


Is The Old Testament Law Binding?

Is the Old Testament Law Binding today? There are not many theological questions that cause more division in churches today than this question right here. There are people believing that the law is not binding in any sense whatsoever and because of that there has been an influx of professing Christians abiding in sin. 2,624 more words


More Unjust Taxation

Fremont County voters approved the indefinite extension of a 2% lodging tax yesterday. It seems perfect, because no one who voted for it actually has to pay the tax; I doubt there are many registered voters living out of motel. 119 more words



PMT 2015-128 Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.

Theonomy is not an essential element of postmillennialism. Many postmillennialists are even opposed to theonomy. But it is a component of the form of postmillennialism that I have adopted. 1,103 more words


Should We Legalize Prostitution?

Not long ago we heard all about how “the government is a minister for good” (Rom 13:4). The idea essentially was that gay marriage is bad, the government should do good, so that means the government should ideally get rid of what’s bad. 474 more words


Understanding The Dominion Theology of Christian Reconstructionists and The New Apostolic Reformation

by Dr. Tommy Ice 


May 15, 2014

~~NOTE: This is an article I wrote about Dominion Theology in May 1988.  It is interesting to see how things have progressed twenty-five years later.  5,963 more words


The Present Evil Age: A Brief Refutation of Postmillennialism

An Insoluble Dilemma for Postmillennialism

In Paul’s opening greeting to the church in Galatia, he declares that “the Lord Jesus Christ… gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age.” 1,072 more words