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Fermat's Little Theorem


Let p be a prime then ap ≡ a (mod p), for any natural number a.

Proof using Modular Arithmetic:

Firstly, we need to discuss Wilson’s theorem. 218 more words


NEWS: 2017 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics

The Breakthrough Prizes is awarded in three categories: Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics and Mathematics, in recognition of great scientific advance.

This year, the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics… 225 more words


What you didn't see

I told you I was bad off, but what you didn’t see was how long I’ve been working on this downward spiral.

And so here we are. 338 more words


Bayesian Inference II - Bayesian Updating Discrete Priors

We get closer and closer to the exciting, interesting parts of data science. Bayesian Inference or more precisely Bayesian updating is one part of that. It is used in some machine learning algorithms and allows us to update probabilities when we get new data. 374 more words


Bayes Theorem: A Visual Introduction For Beginners

Bayes Theorem: A Visual Introduction For Beginners

Bayes Theorem Illustrations: A Newbies Visible Method to Bayesian Info Assessment
This pamphlet is for you if you are looking for a simple students tips filled with examples that are observable. 21 more words

New Books in Maths: October 2016 (I)

Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe – Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart is releasing a new book on a guide to the cosmos, which recounts the formation of the Earth and its planets and asteroids of the solar system, and from there out into the galaxy and the universe. 412 more words