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Intermediate and Mean Value Theorems

Before looking at some examples, lets remind ourselves of what the intermediate and mean value theorems say. Let’s also look at some other theorems that are often taught at the same time as these two and compare and contrast them. 1,056 more words

A Theorem to Consider

The geometry of space expands with the rain-
seems counter-intuitive
but true, none the less.
This is the theorem to consider:
heavy pewter clouds curve across the sky’s canvas, 59 more words


Łoś' Theorem (Jerzy Łoś)

Behind the theorem: Jerzy Łoś (1920-1998)


Circumference, Volume of a Cone, Pythagorean Theorem (L1.5)

This video explains how to find the circumference of a circle, volume of a cone, and find the length of a missing side of a right triangle using given formulas.

III. Algebra Videos

Software Laws

I was looking for a specific theorem called CAP theorem, but came across these interesting, sort of funny but somewhat true, software laws.

I think these laws are useful to get better understanding of philosophy behind a software or computer science in general. 82 more words