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Noether's Theorem

Today I thought I’d write a blog post about an interesting theorem I learnt whilst studying my Variational Principles module – Noether’s Theorem.

To understand Noether’s Theorem, we must first understand what is meant by a  342 more words


MATHS BITE: Shoelace Theorem

The Shoelace theorem is a useful formula for finding the area of a polygon when we know the coordinates of its vertices. The formula was described by Meister in 1769, and then by Gauss in 1795. 154 more words


Theorem of the Day

Just to recommend this excellent website: Theoremoftheday where they feature one mathematical theorem each day.

The nice thing is that each theorem is a one-page summary, good for getting acquainted with the theorem, and subsequently you may read it up in more detail. 21 more words


It Is Trivial! - In Mathematics

A friend: <Insert random (possibly math) question>

Me: Oh, it’s trivial.

My friends know that I tend to overuse the term trivial. Mathematicians adore  1,368 more words


New Podcast!

Today is a quick post to let you know that the writer of one of my favourite blogs Roots of Unity, Evelyn Lamb, and the mathematician  107 more words


Monday is a busy day

They say that this Monday day is a busy day. So as well as we are always thinking so Monday is always a busy day.


Goodstein Theorem

On reading a magazine on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems, I came across a family of sequences of non-negative integers called Goodstein sequences and the Goodstein Theorem involving these sequences. 267 more words