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Florrie's Theorem

Florrie’s Theorem: 

If f(x) is a function and let f(x) = Yinan Florrie Zhu

How Math Determines our Two-Party System

Disclaimer: I’m not writing this to push any particular political view.  Vote for who you want.  It is not the purpose of this blog post to pick sides on political issues, but rather just present the math that surrounds the current party system.  614 more words


Nightcap - Aug 24

Start-up Engineering and Pokemon are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


What this blog will be about?

As referenced in this reddit post, I will be using this blog to write about a particularly influential or important mathematical theorem and its proof each week. 70 more words


Apollonian gaskets and Descartes’ Theorem II

In a few previous posts I wrote about “kissing sets” of four mutually tangent circles, and the fact that their signed bends satisfy Descartes’ Theorem… 427 more words


Wismec Theorem

The theorem tank. Designed by Jaybo in conjuction with Suck my Mod. A Genesis styled tank which is essentially an RDA with a tank at the bottom that allows juiced to be sucked up via the wick to the coils. 84 more words