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Is Proof Necessary?

This thing, proof, many want it before. They want proof of the pudding before the baking. And as a direct consequence of this, many things do not get done. 232 more words


Wismec Theorem

The theorem tank. Designed by Jaybo in conjuction with Suck my Mod. A Genesis styled tank which is essentially an RDA with a tank at the bottom that allows juiced to be sucked up via the wick to the coils. 84 more words

Proof: An Infinite Number of Irrational Numbers Can Be Found Between Any Two Rational Numbers On the Number Line.

Let x and y be two rational numbers on the number line. Since both x and y are rational, both x and y can be written as fractions. 222 more words


Apollonian gaskets and Descartes’ Theorem

In my previous post, I explained a recursive procedure for drawing Apollonian gaskets. Given any three mutually tangent circles, there are exactly two other circles which are mutually tangent to all three (forming what we called a “kissing set”). 767 more words


Noether's Theorem

Just notes on Noether’s theorem

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Why is angular momentum conserved?

We’ve been talking about angular momentum conservation so now we’ve come up to a much more interesting question – ‘Why is angular momentum conserved?’

“Uh..” Yeah the first thing I’d thought of was that. 174 more words