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Five-Value Theorem of Nevanlinna

In German known as Fünf-Punkte-Satz. This theorem is astounding. It says: If two meromorphic functions share five values ignoring multiplicity, then both functions are equal. Two functions, and , are said to… 289 more words


Using a Radon detector to estimate entry rate

Radon gas levels in indoor spaces are known to fluctuate considerably, so continuous monitoring is necessary to compute long-term averages. This particular radon detector, which uses continuous air sampling coupled to algorithm-based alpha spectrometry, is designed to do this job and has gained good reviews on Amazon. 1,129 more words

Physical Chemistry

Hegel on Cognition

[a] Cognition proper

§ 226

The universal finitude of Cognition, which lies in the one judgment, the presupposition of the contrast (§ 224) — a presupposition in contradiction of which its own act lodges protest — specialises itself more precisely on the face of its own idea. 3,288 more words


RSA Implementation using Chinese Reminder Theorem(CRT) [PICO CTF Level2 Crypto]

This problem looked like an usual RSA problem until i found there was no e on that. What?? As a noob, i got confused at the first time since i couldn’t find the… 131 more words


Multi-disciplinary artist Michal Maka from Kalisz, Poland uses sharp colours and geometric forms to create interventions in urban spaces. Maka draws inspiration from both spaces and people.

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Global Street Art