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It's Happening Here

-Reporting from San Francisco-

So, it has come to this.

Unidentified Department of Homeland Security goons openly blackbagging American citizens in the streets of Portland… 1,132 more words

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The Threat of Fascism in Vienna is Real and it is Here

-Reporting from Vienna-

What has been happening in Vienna, Austria these past few days has shown once again how real and dangerous fascism is. No matter where it is, or where it’s from, and how little it concerns the political class and its executive arm so long as they can’t be called out for it . 1,969 more words

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A Totally Gibson Plot Twist

Reporting from San Francisco

In hindsight, we all should’ve seen this coming. The onrushing descent into a cyberpunk dystopian hellscape would only call for a totally cyberpunk response. 971 more words

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Anti-Fascist Diversity is our Strength

Unlike the fascists, Brit-Nats and proud patriots currently ‘defending’ blocks of bronze and marble from imaginary hordes of An-tee-fah supersoldiers, we anti-fascists actually have a regard for the human life. 464 more words

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On Thuggery - A Brief History of a Racialised Term

When Boris Johnson condemned Black Lives Matter protesters as ‘thugs’ recently (1), he may or may have not fully realised the racialised significance of what he was doing. 581 more words

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Yes, All Cops Are Bastards. Even the "good" ones.

The murder of George Floyd by a white cop who sadistically tortured him while his 3 partners approvingly watched has rightfully ignited a torrent of protests and riots in the United States and across the world. 2,330 more words

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The Radical Left Have Cards to Play. The Rest are Bluffing.

The argument against our legal freedoms being encroached upon is more complex than good versus evil, or goodies and baddies. That the radical right and the conspiracy theorists have a narrative driven by opposing the government encroaching upon our freedoms does not mean that they have occupied all possible narratives about it. 2,804 more words

Theoretical Pieces/ Analysis