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HTB (Helen "Troy" Bolton), or High School Lesbian Musical


About two hours into a very long car ride to see Tegan and Sara in Portland, Maine, and one hour into the High School Musical 3 soundtrack, I turn to my friend Sam and say, “You know, when you think about it, Troy’s struggle in the first movie is really emblematic of  what I feel like a lot of lesbians go through, like that thing, what’s it called-” 246 more words


Questioning Your Sexuality? Here’s Some Help From Harold Pinter

So you’re starting to wonder if you’re not entirely straight. You might be freaking out a little. Your constant lies to the people around you might have even gotten more arbitrary and complex than they usually are. 510 more words


Two Linguists Invent Eliza Doolittle

Scenes from Pygmalion; scenes from My Fair Lady; a lot of lines that are paraphrased; some lines that are literally copy-pasted from the works of George Bernard Shaw. 1,086 more words


A Comprehensive List of All 160 Things Ira Madison III Has Said "Keep It" About

Culture writer Ira Madison III, also known as @ira on Twitter, has become famous for a simple catchphrase: keep it. It’s ruthless, efficient, lethal. 1,354 more words

Theory And Criticism

Some Suggestions for the First-Ever Niche Funko Pop Line

From: Peyton <peyton@the-niche.blog>
To: Funko Pop! Prototype Development <production@funko.com>
Subject: Niche Funko Pop Line Suggestions – FINAL

Hi Sandra,

Hope this note finds you well! My apologies for taking so long to get back to you – it’s been a WILD month here at the Niche. 695 more words

Theory And Criticism

Steady Time-Keepers and Their Tall-ish Pretentious Companions in Pop Culture

You may be surprised but there are NOT as many clock and candlestick representations in pop culture as one would hope.  This is a shame because time-keeping objects are always good symbolism and they are even better when paired with tall showy companions, as I think you will realize in a minute. 264 more words

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The Dark Side of Aestheticism

The Dark Side of Aestheticism.

The long 18th century and the 19th century were periods of experiment, with a rapidly changing landscape brought about by the industrial revolution. 2,225 more words

Oscar Wilde