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Steady Time-Keepers and Their Tall-ish Pretentious Companions in Pop Culture

You may be surprised but there are NOT as many clock and candlestick representations in pop culture as one would hope.  This is a shame because time-keeping objects are always good symbolism and they are even better when paired with tall showy companions, as I think you will realize in a minute. 264 more words

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The Dark Side of Aestheticism

The Dark Side of Aestheticism.

The long 18th century and the 19th century were periods of experiment, with a rapidly changing landscape brought about by the industrial revolution. 2,225 more words

Oscar Wilde

Five Clickbait Articles I Never Wrote and Their Punchlines Revealed

Every clickbait article I’ve written and that I haven’t written and that anyone has ever written has one conceit that the writer relies on for the entirety of the article. 423 more words

Theory And Criticism

Childhood Cartoons I Only Remember In Terms of the Intensely Vivid Feelings I Associate With Them

I don’t know much but I do know these cartoons don’t exist beyond the deeply vivid and psychologically troubling impressions that they can evoke at the mere mention of their name. 360 more words

Theory And Criticism

3 Classic Egg Recipes Except with Blood Now

Education is a lifelong process, and daily learning the sole defense against the mental degeneration which lurks around every bend. So when you learn that  649 more words

Theory And Criticism

The Poky Little Puppy: Authoritarian Propaganda

The children’s literary canon is littered with propaganda. Drawn in by bright colors and insipid talking animals, children have little awareness that their ideologies are being manipulated, ensuring their futures as compliant citizens of the State. 776 more words


Seven Pictures of Judith Butler Ranked By How Inadequate They Make Me Feel

Judith Butler may be best-known for her post-structuralist theories of gender and her ongoing beef with the Vatican, but that’s not why we’re here today.  191 more words

Theory And Criticism