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Ode to Emmy Hartman, The Girl Who Filmed Her Own Emotional Breakdown Over A Traffic Ticket

First off: if you haven’t watched the video already, I’ll ask you to join the 5.12 million who have done so before you read any further. 1,500 more words

Theory And Criticism

I Thought I Was Hearing Him Wrong But It Turns Out MC Ride Really is Saying "I Stay Niche" in That One Death Grips Song

You guys know that one Death Grips song, I’ve Seen Footage? The banger to end all bangers? You know how in the intro it really sounds like MC Ride is saying “I stay niche,” but it’s kind of difficult to make it out, and you’re like, “Okay, he can’t  78 more words


I Fed a Whole Bunch of Niche Posts to a Predictive Text Generator: What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart

Pack it in, folks— this is the Ultimate Niche Post. We’ve had a good run, but it’s over now.

The first time you ever felt something like this for anyone and it was so… Robert pope leonard: the secret baby. 786 more words


A Niche Interview with the Author of the Zootopia Abortion Comic

To borrow a phrase from our greatest inspiration, the internet is a rich tapestry. If you’re like me, you were raised on the internet, and you’ve been stumbling into strange, shadowy corners of the web since you were old enough to talk. 1,413 more words

Theory And Criticism

Twelve Horrifically Pretentious Baby Names I Am Considering and My Rationale for Each One

Okay, so to dispel any misgivings brought on by that headline, I am not pregnant, nor do I have active plans to have a kid any time soon. 1,901 more words

Theory And Criticism

HTB (Helen "Troy" Bolton), or High School Lesbian Musical


About two hours into a very long car ride to see Tegan and Sara in Portland, Maine, and one hour into the High School Musical 3 soundtrack, I turn to my friend Sam and say, “You know, when you think about it, Troy’s struggle in the first movie is really emblematic of  what I feel like a lot of lesbians go through, like that thing, what’s it called-” 246 more words

Theory And Criticism

Questioning Your Sexuality? Here’s Some Help From Harold Pinter

So you’re starting to wonder if you’re not entirely straight. You might be freaking out a little. Your constant lies to the people around you might have even gotten more arbitrary and complex than they usually are. 510 more words