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Tending to (my) spirit

P.S. I know it’s been such a long time since my last blogpost <3 There’s been a lot of life updates since then but I’m happy to share some of my musings here during this first month of 2018! 31 more words

My Art Adventures

Malignant spirit: Storyboard; Secondary Goal.

For the storyboard I was thinking of showing a quick cut-scene just before the final curtain call of the game. During this cut-scene it shows the area the player must visit to defeat this demon and shows flashes of the item they need to find before they confront them. 151 more words

Theory And Practice

Malignant spirit: Character design; Primary Goal

The best way I thought to tackle my primary goal was to start out with basic sketches of monster, costume and facial design. At first I researched into Victorian hair styles and used this as reference. 515 more words

Theory And Practice

State of Flow and Zelda BOTW ;

Upon learning about flow theory I thought back to my current favourite game, The Legend of Zelda; Breathe of the wild and as I recall when I last played the game this game has elements of the State of flowing being in action. 577 more words

Theory And Practice

State of Flow Theory

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Flow is a mental state where the person preforming an task is fulling immersed and feeling extremely focused on it. 978 more words

Theory And Practice

Self-initiated project: Malignant spirit

It was as the face of one lost and doomed the face of some malignant spirit from the very depths of despair. This is enough of the exorcism of that malignant spirit, constitutional compact. 272 more words

Theory And Practice

To be a socialist with any real clarity and honesty is to realize we are a defeated people. If commodification doesn’t get us, then climate disruption will.

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