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Impossible is only a probability waiting to happen, rendering it improbable in theory and rarely possible in practice.

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Learning Development

Another post in my series re-visiting educational theory from my PGCE in the context of LD work! But this time, there’s one theory in particular from my teacher training which has stuck with me and which I draw on every single day in my Learning Development work – although I use it in a slightly unexpected way. 1,514 more words

LD Pedagogy

First Post

My first ever post to get use to the way the website works.


My First Keynote

In which I suffer massive imposter syndrome, take solace with my patron saints, slag off CS Lewis (but not JK Rowling), administer homeopathic doses of Bourdieu and Bakhtin and Barthes (oh my!), accidentally say ARSE, eff the ineffable and finally become a mermaid… 11 more words

Theory And Practice

Defence against the Dark Arts of LD

I wrote previously about the 5 Ps of LD model I developed as part of the training on one to one work: Presenting Problem, Pertinent Factors, Perception of Task, Process and Product… 1,195 more words

LD Pedagogy

Malignant spirit secondary goal; 3D model

My secondary goal was to make a 3D model of the creature, 3D modeling is not a strength I have and I knew deep down I had to improve on my skills if I desire to be a creature or character designer in later life. 276 more words

Theory And Practice

Elder scrolls V: Skyrim - theory

Elder scrolls is a popular game which has been remade multiple times and for that reason I have decided to look at games theory and what theories are within the game play itself. 448 more words

Theory And Practice