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Theory: Using Critical Discourse Analysis

tl;dr CDA is a way of analyzing power structures in text that loads of people are doing already, it just adds a lot of fancy words to it.  1,756 more words


Theory: Passive Performance

tl;dr Passive performance is a theory of performance which accepts that gender in Western society is interpreted through a binary lens and so refuses to engage with the practice of manipulation that would reinforce the gender binary. 1,256 more words


Hatching Theory to Explain Diverse Bird Egg Shapes: Lessons for the Social Science Researcher

An interdisciplinary team of researcher led by an assistant professor of biology and evolutionary ecology at Princeton University in the US explored multiple, far-ranging explanations for the spectacular diversity in the size and shape of eggs produced by birds. 205 more words

Mixed Methods Research

Art, Education & Learning Styles

I know these things can be a little tortured and simplistic.
I would greatly appreciate well-intentioned feedback.
Cheers, Ingrid


New Journal Article

Terrific news! The new issue of She Ji: The Journal of Design Economics and Innovation is out today, and it features an article I wrote with… 39 more words


The Conceptual Leap in Qualitative Research

You should all read this interesting article: Approaching the Conceptual Leap in Qualitative Research by Klag & Langley (2013), which is useful for researchers who build theory from qualitative data. 156 more words