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My Top 10 Movies of 2014

I saw A LOT of movies in 2014 and now that I feel like I have seen enough movies to make a list, I present you with my top ten films of 2014.  Enjoy!


To The Grey Class of 1990

(c) 2015 Edward C Lunnon / 8 years 8 months ill / Physical: Adv CBD Mental: Adv Ed

Dear Carlo, Dave, Seton and the Men of the Grey Class of 1990… 1,387 more words


The Theory of Everything- Stephen Hawking (Book Review)

I don’t identify myself as a huge science fan, but I am an avid believer in the interconnectivity of knowledge, the more knowledge you attain regardless of the field the more you are able to see the bigger picture in most or all of what you do. 851 more words

Book Review

Behind Every Great Man Is A Great Woman (And An Oscar-Winning Film)

The Theory of Everything is a touching romantic drama tracking the relationship between physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, from their first encounter at University through to the later years. 654 more words


untitled #11

and he wakes up in the nick of time for doing nothing of any real importance as usual.
never mind anything.
they sold us a buncha shit while they made off with the $$$ back to their armed encampments to survive the uprisings that flare up and then die with their willing and unwilling participants. 2,330 more words