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Science and the Silver Screen

Science and cinema have something of a complicated relationship.

Despite being just over a century old, cinema has expanded to become a cornerstone of modern culture. 944 more words


Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Mathematics and Physics

This links to a paper by Peter Woit from the University of Columbia titled ‘Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Mathematics and Physics’, which outlines some of the already established connections between number theory and physics, acknowledges that there are as yet no satisfactory explanations for these connections and concludes it is an area which deserves much more concerted attention.

Number Theory


This is a followup to the post, crazy or autism spectrum – Emperor’s robe redefined.

A fellow wordpresser, Jan, in her blog, Looking at life as a virtual game, has been mentioning the Words of William. 364 more words


The Study of Time - An idea (2)

(Part 2) An Idea – The Story of our understanding – The present picture!

With Newton’s Theory being questioned, He had to come up with a reason. 413 more words


The Study of Time - An Idea

Time! A fascination! I don’t remember how or when this fascination began in me. What is time? A not so simple question that provided not so simple answers. 608 more words


quantitative relationships and numerical relationships

What seems to be the central reason preventing mathematicians and physicists from acknowledging the significance of the connections between their respective fields is a fundamental, but understandable, misunderstanding about the nature of number systems. 94 more words

Number Theory

Purpose of Existence

I am presently reading Thomas Campbell’s book “My Big T.O.E. (Theory of Everything). On page 370 Campbell succinctly summarizes the purpose of existence. He writes, “evolving your consciousness is the purpose of your existence, but also how to fulfill that purpose by becoming fearless, humble and compassionate. 215 more words

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