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Episode of the day: "Transformers"

Listen to “Transformers” E (34:13)

Podcast: Theory of Everything

Fantastic episode on transgender and gender non-conforming issues. We need to be talking about this more! 187 more words

Episode Of The Day

My top 6 movies about disabilities (y

As much there are numerous number of movies in NY, about girls who fall head over hills for some guys, who are happened to be a complete idiots or jerks (pardon my French) at the begging but eventually see sense and be with the smart, but not so girly girl next door, Hollywood decides that it’s a high time to shed some light and includes in its movies stories about people with disabilities. 684 more words

Why So Complicated?

From: Danish researchers looking to crowdfund ‘Theory of Everything’

Never to be a jerk about it, but I’m already dissuaded, based upon the annotation under the main post image there… 1,504 more words


Alive and alone and need pick up

FB is burned as it took all my ID’s from me unless I can get in to TMM as both Iza and Belle are gone. I need another form of contact for someone as I have no phone, no home and am on my DAMN Own! 44 more words

Coffee With Joe

everything and stuff

the following is an email discussion between him and dino about everything and stuff.

r – everything is nothing.
but wouldn’t that mean nothing is everything? 633 more words


The Vie of Hawking

Producing biopic movies has been a new way for studios to create movies they think will likely gain hundred millions dollars from ticket sales, becoming a blockbuster. 307 more words

The Theory of Learning Everything

My Learning Methods

The main way I remember things is through practical experiences and through teaching others. I’m a great believer that the best way to know that you truly know something is through teaching that topic to someone else. 1,019 more words