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Toward A Philosophy of the Guillotine

A poem by Brennan S. Chambre

How can I read literary theory when the Pentagon is preparing for nuclear war?
How can Bahktin help me bring down the U.S. 558 more words


What visitors do - increase your imagination!

The Golden Rules of Exhibit Design and Development – Part II

Besides the important things, that should be kept in mind, when building exhibits, the visitor  himheslf is a not to be underestimated factor during the design and development process. 60 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Why Ministry Training has to Change: leading where you are

At 52 years of age, I am still in school. I am writing a dissertation right now for a PhD in congregational mission and leadership from Luther Seminary. 848 more words


The Liberal Constraints of Occupy

…or Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Waging Class War From Below
(as presented at Local to Global Justice 2012 | Tempe, Arizona – Economic Justice Panel) 1,442 more words

Theory + Praxis

On the importance of anonymity.

The most obvious reason for remaining anonymous as a radical is to evade detection and capture by authorities.  One of the main functions of the state is to make people and spaces legible.  269 more words

Theory + Praxis