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Villainous Connections

Let’s jump straight into this. Because Emma Swan is the new Dark One, she inherits a whole new set of “allies” and enemies. It comes with the job; 623 more words

Theory Thursday

The Nature of Darkness

“When darkness comes upon you…”

SORRY I DIDN’T POST LAST WEEK (for the few that actually keep up with this blog)! I was well on my way to post another theory when I got the opportunity to go watch OUAT filming in Steveston last week. 1,011 more words

Theory Thursday

A Familiar Face of Evil

I’M BACK! Finally, after a long break, I’m back to start theorizing the all-new season for Once Upon a Time. I couldn’t be happier that SDCC is THIS weekend, which means the OUAT panels, cast pictures, interviews, AND SO MUCH MORE! 743 more words

Theory Thursday

5 Communication Principles Crucial to Brand Positioning

Branding matters.  There’s little to no argument out there for today’s business community.  And branding matters differently too depending on who you ask.  For marketing managers, branding articulates an… 1,204 more words


Operation Mongoose Theories Vol. 2

THIS IS IT! In 3 days, the season will wrap with an action-packed 2-hr finale. From the time I posted Vol. 1 of finale theories to today, more news has come in, which has resulted in more ambiguity. 1,675 more words

Theory Thursday

Operation Mongoose Theories Vol. 1

It’s that time of year. The thing we love & dread the most: season finale. Take a deep breath & accept the fact that this is happening in less than two weeks. 1,469 more words

Theory Thursday

Sympathy for the De Vil

When initial word got out about Victoria Smurfit’s casting of Cruella De Vil, I was skeptical. How the heck were they going to incorporate Cruella in the world of OUAT? 738 more words

Theory Thursday