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The Quick Fix

OUAT IS BACK AND IT WAS AN EPIC RETURN! I could literally use this post to gush about how amazing that premiere was but I won’t because there is so much to theorize! 789 more words

Theory Thursday

Mysterious Man of Magic

THIS IS IT. Our waiting is about to pay off. The season premiere is THIS Sunday! WE SURVIVED HIATUS!!!!! And before we dive into the new season, I want to throw out one more theory. 835 more words

Theory Thursday

Lady of the Lake

It is my personal belief that everything happens for a reason. The same truth can be applied to story of OUAT. Characters, plot, and dialogue are chosen strategically to echo this in its show. 706 more words

Theory Thursday

Wedding Bells

There have been beautiful weddings that have taken place on OUAT. This show really knows how to deliver! In the pilot and 2×03 “Lady of the Lake” we got see true love on display as Snow and Charming exchanged vows to each other, in presence of family and the entire kingdom. 631 more words

Theory Thursday

A Fragile Peace

I don’t think I can say this enough: I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS CAMELOT STORYLINE! When it comes to different characters from there connected with our favorites from Storybrooke, the possibility are endless. 503 more words

Theory Thursday

#TheoryThursday2 Forgotten Winchesters

Train’s a-pulling in!!! Did you miss me? No? Fine! No theories for you! Just kidding, here it goes.

So, once upon a time, our favorite squirrel had a kid. 458 more words

The Character of Camelot

The clues for Camelot have been laid out for us as early as Season 2. It was only a matter of time before we would finally explore this famous realm of British fiction. 709 more words

Theory Thursday