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The Swan Song

swan song: a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement; refers to the ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song in the moment just before death, having been silent during most of their lifetime. 683 more words

Theory Thursday

Bling Ring 

This is my 40th blog post & my first year anniversary with this blog. First & foremost, THANK YOU for reading, sharing, & enjoying my posts. 558 more words

Theory Thursday

The Uncanny

If anything deserves an octave, it’s Halloween. I can’t count how many years I’ve put together an amazing spooky movie list for October or Halloween night only to maybe get through only one. 839 more words


Battle Armor

FIRST: congratulations are in order for Adam & Eddy. Today begins filming for the 100TH EPISODE OF OUAT! They have created a story we have all fallen in love with, one that goes beyond 100 episodes of television. 511 more words

Theory Thursday

The Heart of the Matter

Is it just me or were Adam and Eddy channeling Oprah at NYCC? You get a spoiler, you get a spoiler, here have some more spoilers about Season 5! 854 more words

Theory Thursday

"[Draco] tried to warn them": Theory Thursday Part 1 of n

This is the first part of a potentially infinite series of posts about the absurd — and occassionally incoherent — theories that the Harry Potter fandom has come up with. 889 more words


The Quick Fix

OUAT IS BACK AND IT WAS AN EPIC RETURN! I could literally use this post to gush about how amazing that premiere was but I won’t because there is so much to theorize! 789 more words

Theory Thursday