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How Dumbledore Created the Deluminator | Theory Thursday

Hey friends,

Sorry for missing the last few Theory Thursdays! I’ve been far too busy to research them and didn’t want to skimp out on this. 511 more words


Rombledore? | Theory Thursday | Blogmas Day 14

Hey friends,

So for this week’s Theory Thursday I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted a Harry Potter or Star Wars theory. When Harry Potter edged out Star Wars and won, I followed up that request with did you guys want to see another theory I like and support or one that I absolutely detest. 544 more words


How Temporal Distance Helps Us Read

What do we do with old books? I mean really old books. How do we understand them when they seem so alien to us?

Time can seem to be the enemy of understanding. 1,089 more words


The Miracle of Reading

Nothing is so purely the trace of the mind as writing, but also nothing is so dependent on the understanding mind. In deciphering and interpreting a miracle takes place: the transformation of something strange and dead into a total simultaneity and familiarity.

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Stuart Hall and Cultural Identities

Stuart Hall’s 1989 essay, “Cultural Identity and Cinematic Representation,” is a seminal piece on race and identity, situated on the crossroads between film studies and cultural theory. 834 more words