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Back to School

With the ‘back to school’ air of September, I can’t help but think about the many years spent in grade school. For me at least, sometimes it feels like a different life from my days as a university student. 594 more words


Culture on Display

While conducting some research in visual art theory, I came across an article that did not seem related to this blog, at first. It is an essay by… 642 more words


thinking with things

Thinking about intra-action, entanglement, actor networks, agency, and trans-corporeailty….trying to work through the relationships between bodies and landscapes and histories and memories.

A few quotes from two different readings: 284 more words



What is implied when we use the word “Other”? How does our perception of the “Self” influence our perception of an “Other”?

Me. You. I. We. 574 more words


Truth and Direction

I am never at a loss for what to read next. I receive suggestions for what to read from friends, supervisors, colleagues, bibliographies, works cited, and by seeing what is next to specific sources in the library. 539 more words


finding theory in unexpected places

The residents of Calgary know a lot about the power of water. In 2013, a combination of forces led to disastrous flooding as the Bow River breached its banks. 1,060 more words


Darth Plagueis: The Great White Shark of the Sith

While I was trying to think of a good ‘Theory Thursday’ post that related to the Shark Week theme, I realized that the connection didn’t necessarily have to be literal, as there are mysterious, looming, and extremely dangerous beings all over the Star Wars Galaxy. 412 more words

Theory Thursday