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Avengers 4 theories: Will the fallen Avengers be resurrected by this SHOCK theory

Ah, Reddit, the birthplace of many a wild fan theory and some of the strangest conversations on the internet.
Every once in a while, however, Reddit can provide accurate, almost prescient speculations. 19 more words



It is intriguing that it says the Pharisees BELIEVED* but then wanted new Christians to conform to the Law of Moses. The gift of the Spirit was the promise. 745 more words


Are We Living in a Simulation?

A lot of times when I get into very deep conversations (I have banned such conversations from hot tubs), I often get asked how I think our universe originated. 765 more words


A History of Sleep

Although sleep is one of the few shared activities common to all humanity, it is also the most private. What we experience during our sleeping hours is untranslatable during the daylight. 490 more words


Georges Lemaître father of the Big Bang theory.

Georges Lemaître father of the Big Bang theory. (1894-1966), age 66
with Albert Einstein. Lemaître, Belgian cosmologist, Catholic priest, and t, astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven. 236 more words


Are Rihanna & Donald Glover Working On A Secret Project

After photos of the two together appeared online, fans are trying their best to guess what could be coming from the minds of Rihanna and Donald Glover. 197 more words

7 Tips to Make a Profit in Cryptocurrency Trading

How to Make a Profit in Cryptocurrency Trading

Some cryptocurrency traders may forget about “traps” existing on trading platforms. To help cryptocurrency beginners and start to make first money from trading, in this blog we have listed the most important tips on how to make a profit in cryptocurrency trading. 449 more words