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Gravitational Repulsion: Is Zero Building An Eternally Expanding Universe?

Non-inflationary theories of the genesis of the universe or what we know as the big bang effectively only discuss the hydrogen and helium particles etc &c., that fill the universe or what occurred after the birth of the universe, and now that evidence has been shown[1] that the universe is actually expanding, it has led to questions of what could have been prior to the bang in a much more sophisticated manner. 2,666 more words


“‘As the density of the atoms is to the mass of the substance, so is that power of cohesion to the form of the article.'” 20 more words

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Social Media Influencers

The stars of social media are on the rise, one of these stars is:

Patrick Starr

A professional freelance make up artist from Orlando, Florida. He’s from a tight knit Filipino-American family with his mum and brothers.  189 more words


Teori H.L. Blum

Konsep hidup sehat dari teori H.L. Blum untuk menciptakan kondisi sehat seperti yang diinginkan dalam teorinya, diperlukan suatu keharmonisan dalam menjaga kesehatan tubuh, sampai saat ini masih sangatlah relevan untuk diterapkan. 34 more words

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The village Review

In the short film of ‘the village’ the creator mark baker finds ways to communicate a clear story without the use of actual words making it easy to understand as well as entertaining to watch. 281 more words


ILM Master class round up of my nodes

Over the last three days we’ve been given these ILM master classes by Josh Parks and he suggested that we save these nodes so that when we next need them we can just bring them in and that save so much times ( He had us work as team and roto/ key some footage and that between to of us took 30 minutes as we had to make are own node groups but once we’d saved them it took us 10 minutes and that was between one of us)

Nuke Project