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Why the Why of the What is the Key

Here’s one that’s got on my nerves a lot recently – there’s no simpler way to express it than the ‘what versus why‘ conflict. 689 more words

1944: Model City

The decorative industrial management buildings and exhibition centers in authoritarian countries are much the same as anywhere else. The huge gleaming towers that shoot up everywhere are outward signs of the ingenious planning of international concerns, toward which the unleashed entrepreneurial system (whose monuments are a mass of gloomy houses and business premises in grimy, spiritless cities) was already hastening.

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There's a *new* materialism?

At my last meeting, one of my supervisors suggested a book that he thought might inform my methodological chapter (whatever it ultimately gets called!): “Sociology and the New Materialism: Theory, Research, Action” by Fox and Alldred (2016). 2,009 more words


Big Picture, Little Picture Data

My admins have begun to ask good questions that require data to form the answer, and as a result have given me access to vast amounts of data to explore with.   825 more words


Vegetarianism & Communism

Having been both vegetarian & a communist for more then 5 years now I decided to finally write something about the connection between these issues. Does vegetarianism have anything to do with Communism and vice-versa? 1,778 more words


Living ...Enmeshed in 3 Spheres

1.  Life is not binary!

2. Life is not static!

3. Life is not simply 2 or 3 dimensional in nature!


Context In Three Parts

Context is a word that often gets thrown around and abused simply because it has its own problem of perception-whoever is providing the context usually believes they are delivering a full story…even if lingering questions are abundant for others. 324 more words