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'TERF' is a Gift to the Misogynistic 'Left'

Note: This piece assumes that readers have a basic familiarity with what TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) means to transactivists, and that it is applied to women whose views are not in alignment with any facet of transactivism… 1,423 more words

Radical Feminism

Star Wars: A New Theory

The new Star Wars trailer for The Last Jedi has dropped along with millions of fan speculations and theories for the upcoming film.  Not wanting to be left out, I decided to craft my own theory.   1,329 more words


Decolonization for Communalists


One of the starkest realizations of becoming a leftist is coming to the realization that the so-called “land of the free” that we pledged allegiance to every morning in school was nothing more than an illusion. 1,570 more words


Space - Theory

This theory lecture was about different types of human space and different ways or techniques used by various designers to create them.

Site analysis and mapping space are two of the most important elements to be considered while designing a space. 871 more words


Aspies are from Vulcan!

Who out there loves Star Trek?!

I love Star Trek. It was my “special interest” when I was at school. I think there must have been an aspect of the self-containedness that appealed to me: restricted to one ship, a military hierarchy (if in somewhat idealised form) with rankings to dictate the boundaries of relationships, and a limited number of people contributed to a social construct that – unlike most soaps and dramas – I could actually understand. 906 more words


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Leadership Symposium

This year is a year of many milestones for Central Michigan University, and more specifically, leadership at CMU. We celebrate 125 years as a university, 20 years with a Leadership Institute, now being changed to the Sarah R. 385 more words