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Writing Journal: is this how to write an introduction? 

After three full years of working on my dissertation, I’ve finally got full, workable (read: not awful) drafts of all of my chapters. Now, I need to figure out how to write an introduction to something as raw, broad, and personal as a dissertation. 1,085 more words


The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life always feels like a secretly taboo question to me. Like if you ask what the meaning of life is, or even think about it too much, you’ve given away this crucial piece of information: You’ve just told everyone that you don’t know what the answer is. 935 more words


三十六計/ San Shi Liu Ji - The Thirty six Stratagems Number 24

假道伐虢/Jia Dao Fa Guo – Borrow a Path to Conquer Guo


Original Text: When a small state is caught between two great powers, & the enemy makes threats in order to gain obedience, you can use the situation deceptively. 83 more words


曹繼武先生論形意拳十法摘要/Cao Jiwu Xiansheng Lun Xingyiquan Shi Fa Zhai Yao - Mr Cao Jiwu's Theory Xingyiquan Ten Methods Summary


(1) Clarify the Three Sections. Enumerating the whole body regarding the Three Sections, then the hand & elbow are the Tip Section, the waist & abdomen are the Middle Section, the feet & legs are the Root Section, thus the body is divided regarding the Three Sections, but within the Three Sections each also has three sections, too. 2,422 more words


"The Archaeology of No Theory"...

Many moons ago (in 2004), I spent a year in Japan and wrote a Japanese-language research paper on the presentation of archaeology in Japanese media and pop culture. 518 more words


螳螂八打八不打總論/Tanglang Ba Da Ba Bu Da Zong Lun - Tanglang's Eight Strike Eight No Strike Overall Theory

Tanglang’s Eight Strike Eight No Strike — (Put emphasis on the correct point’s precise degree of intensity & the attack’s destructive force)


一打眉頭雙睛(眉弓及眼睛處), 233 more words



Each one of us went through ‘adolescence’, awkward stage as others call it. But, more than being a stage in our life it is a process we have to go through because this is a point in our early lives when we get confused, look for our identity and eventually mature. 223 more words