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I want to do photography for this project. The genre I have chosen is snapshot photography. These are photographs that are taken quickly and spontaneously usually by amateur photographers without thought or planning. 218 more words


MODULE: 4ANIM002W Classic Narrative Film Development: Film One: Theory assignment 2

A Colour Box

A Colour Box by Len Lyle is an advertisement made to promote the postal system encouraging people to post parcels by stating how low the prices were and that it was cheap. 345 more words


An Online Class Activity

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Last week during class, we spent about 45 minutes creating an activity that encourages critical thinking skills. We were randomly assigned to small groups of 3 people to help with communication since we were online. 882 more words


What makes Night Market Special

Event in Melbourne

White Night Melbourne‘ by Chris Phutully (CC BY 2.0)

Melbourne is one of the major city that has been developed with economic growth attributed to many events. 1,723 more words


Time: Part 6 - Time of Light

I have been in discussion with a young engineer who as part of his studies is physics covering light speed, electricity and time dilation.

If you have read my other blogs on Time you will know that I do not believe in Time Dilation. 561 more words


The Baby, The Bathwater and The Bathtub


The bathwater and the baby have historically received much attention in idiomatic usage – “don’t throw out something useful just because it’s hard to distinguish from all the garbage!” But no one ever considers the bathtub. 977 more words