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I was really delighted with all the prizes that were announced at STOC this year.

Our own Pasin Manurangsi received the Danny Lewin STOC Student Paper Award for his work on the hardness of the dense k-subgraph problem. 646 more words


Finding meaning in the Madness: Psychoanalytic and Marxist Criticisms of J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye

For this post I would like to take a moment to explore the concept of theory in literature. Also called critical theory or literary theory,  4,654 more words

Stuart Hall and Cultural Identities

Stuart Hall’s 1989 essay, “Cultural Identity and Cinematic Representation,” is a seminal piece on race and identity, situated on the crossroads between film studies and cultural theory. 834 more words


Toothpaste for the Young Poet

Wikipedia Poem, No. 514
to rescue to operate on 
the marks of infinity to be 
transcended against one's will

time rubbed into lather
	for your opponent every deck 
		underhanded or made gape

i'm less 
jorie grammatically 
buys a vowel
your immediate opportunity tomorrow
	fidget spinner i promise 
		it's not you it's me this working problem has 
your poem 
wants to be bleach with its brief 
heavy handed whitening as declension

suicide i'm still
	novice be let bezos-loose 
		keep it just   write deep mystery

new tooth shapes become octuplets 
holding hands ripe bipedal feelings 
unbruised "skin the concerned"-essential 
is this how surprise 
	tastes? 42 more words

Recognizing Theory in Media

Siner’s article on the recent implementation of free community college for most adult students in Tennessee is an example of Critical Theory. The article emphasizes that higher education is unavailable to many non-traditional students because of the high cost (Tennessee already offers free community college for graduating high school students). 144 more words

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My Initial Comfort With Theory: A Reflection

As a trained literary analyst, I am very comfortable with a few types of theory. I have used Literary Deconstruction on a number of different texts. 379 more words

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