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European Space Agency project

My work was selected to be showcased in London Museum of Science by European Space Agency in May, 2016.


Gramsci and Braudel

I recently borrowed a book called Gramsci’s Historicism: A Realist Interpretation by philosopher Esteve Morera. Because I knew a couple of points I wanted to explore immediately, I hurriedly read the introduction and pushed into the index. 1,091 more words


A Question of Research: Introduction

My name is Connor, and I’m currently studying MA Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth. The purpose of this blog is for a unit I am currently undertaking called A Question of Research, in which the purpose is to document, analyse and improve my own research methods and techniques when it comes to problem solving and answering research questions. 422 more words


Detached youthwork as a community building exercise

Earlier this week i wrote a short piece that held a mirror on the faith organisation of the church to the comparison of ‘the community’ in Cormac Russells blog on the nuture development site, this article is here:   1,175 more words


Consciousness: Our Journey Through the Multiverse

Imagine for a moment that you’re driving. Maybe you’re going to work or to the shop or just driving for the sake of driving. You’ve got some music playing and you’re momentarily caught up in whatever song is on, to the point that your concentration has begun to wander and without realising it, the car has just drifted over towards the side of the road a little too much. 2,008 more words


JB and his downfall

Everybody is always criticising Justin Bieber and talking about how he will ruin his reputation or his career or his own life with his so-called bad behaviour, but honestly I feel like his -somewhat surprising- downfall lies in his relationship with his fans. 924 more words

Nazis, Churchill, King Arthur and Michael Bay. WTF is Transformers: The Last Knight?

I just finished watching the presidential debates. As I watched this disaster unfold I wondered to myself, how did America get itself into a situation where we really thought Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the best two options for Commander in Chief? 787 more words