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Which Theory was the Best?

Throughout reading my novel, “Station Eleven”, I applied reader-response theory, archetypal theory, and post-colonial theory. Each theory helped me get a better understanding of the novel and discover new things, which allowed me to think deeply. 444 more words

Java And C# - Stacks

Stacks are data structures available for C# and Java. The information is added as a ‘push’ operation. Information is removed as a ‘pop’ operation. The information is stored in LIFO, Last In First Out. 471 more words

Nightmare Resolved

And now for something short, light and easy.

My son was five years old when one night he came down the stairs half crying. What happened? 141 more words


The Physics Challenge - General Relativity Does not affect time, I may have the proof.

After much contemplation of General and special relativity and how atomic clocks have been used in many experiments to help prove the theory. I came to the realisation that Atomic clocks are inherently poor devices for this proof. 809 more words


Theory: Outcome 2, Tasks 1,2&3. Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, Focal Length.


This blog post is to show the results of a recent shoot covering tasks 1 – 3 in the Theory module of the course. These three tasks are to expire the effect of altering three degrees of freedom that a photographer has control over, aperture, shutter speed and focal length. 211 more words



1 minute long approximately

Planning: Brexit

Watching the news, we are going to film in the TV studio. We will make the audience feel that they are there with us as we will break the fourth wall. 91 more words


Event Types - What's Attractive?

So, with Wave 2 firmly released now, even if there are still issues with the FFG App, we can see a large number of alternate formats for designing events, adding flavour to casual games, and generally fiddling with the methods of list building to constrain, limit, and eliminate some of the most popular ships and pilots around.   645 more words