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Phenomenology explained by the muppets

Epistemology s the study of how we know or of what the rules for knowing are. But, assuming for a moment the stance of a postmodern writer how I see (my epistemology) must precede what I see (my ontology). 337 more words


Strategic Dimensions

What is a Strategic Dimension
Strategic Dimension is a fancy term for different levels of strategy the player(s) consider at different stages in the game. There is a base level of strategy present in all games that includes what to do during a match or game. 300 more words


Tea in Autumn

My orders from Ippodo and Yuuki-Cha arrived yesterday. I placed both orders last Saturday, Ippodo mailed via EMS while Yuki-Cha came via Airmail. The latter is cheaper and nothing was broken so if anybody was wondering, I think Airmail is a good choice if you don’t need tracking. 206 more words


In conversation with "Why I Interview: Indigenous Research Ethics in Cinema and Media Studies"

In response to yesterday’s post by Karrmen Crey, she raises points that resonate with the research I have been doing for my PhD that in many ways is a continuation of both theory and method I utilised in 2011 for my Master’s thesis. 793 more words


Coming Soon: Camera Lucida

What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially.

Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

Here is a sampling of my black and white photography, accompanied by an alt-cat-dog music video, to announce a future epic post: an analysis of…

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Cheap Tactics are Necessary

In many games, there are tactics that players (usually inexperienced) consider as ‘cheap’. Now there are genuinely broken tactics, things that are way more powerful than other’s in the game, and that damage the games depth and engagement. 782 more words