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International Security and Global Politics

The Structural Shifts of Realism within International Relations: How the Systemic Unity of Realist-Constructivism fosters International Cooperation

    – An Essay in Three Parts –

Nicolas Sterner… 6,132 more words


Film Review: 'It Follows'

“People don’t change. Times, they do…The lying to yourself that the past held no sway over the future. But in the end…This life follows you.” — John Wick… 875 more words



I want to travel. Not only to different places in the world, but beyond. In the galaxies. Into the dark place where silence reigns. To a place where stars glint like glitter on the floor. 41 more words


Teaching the skills: Sew buttons

Everyone lost a button off their favorite trousers, shirt, or coat. Some of them come with a few extra, matching buttons so you can replace them if you lose them. 157 more words


High protein or high carb diet?

Why do people follow a high-protein diet?

In order to lose weight, many people are following either a high-protein/medium-fat/low-carb diet, or a raw-vegan diet  (high-carb/low-protein/low-fat). The high-protein diets (Paleo/Atkins/Harcombe etc) are very popular as they almost guarantee weight loss without having to count calories or restrict portions.  1,277 more words

Natural Food

When you feel like absolute arse

I woke up like dis. Haha.

My new theory is let people be. Im a huge fan of this theory and have been for a while! 214 more words

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Writer Highlight Featuring: Ty Bard

A Bite of Pi

According to the formula for pi,
It’s theoretically impossible
To sketch a perfect circle.

We’re circumscribed by built in fuzziness;
Bordered by an irrational number… 75 more words

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