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Farming Now

Trains have babies’ cries, slick orchids of
spooling clefts, chins open and pantomimes
dead.  Red botched botax and blue sown on
shirts, the flesh and cotton medley just as… 88 more words

Three theories to help overcome change resistance in service design implementation

Community member post by Ricardo Martins

How can service designers improve implementation of their projects and overcome resistance to change?

According to the Service Design Network… 673 more words

Research Implementation

Coexisting labour: the substance of Marx's labour values

Subsystems are implicitly defined by an economy’s technology and help us to partially solve the coordination problem. Subsystems are also essential for a complete understanding of Marx’s theory of value. 2,252 more words

cognitive science, number theory and physics

This chapter of Trick or Treat, The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics published by Springer in 2016, titled ‘Cognitive Science and the Connection Between Physics and Mathematics… 378 more words


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Anger and depression come from the same family tree. Often mirroring each other, it can become hard to distinguish which one is the parent, root, initiator, leader, etc. 68 more words