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Behaviour change as strategy

The Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) recently ran a workshop to explore aspects of prioritisation within the heritage sector. This was related to a Historic Environment Scotland… 1,238 more words


My Pen

is a loaded gun
questioning everyone
a dirty musket
rusted and run
through every gauntlet
from Viracocha
to the Egyptian sun
to Jesus
and his 7 billionth cousin… 47 more words

Microsoft Excel VSTO Worksheets

This is a simple code clip showing a blunt method of switching to a worksheet by name, unless the worksheet doesn’t exist. If the worksheet doesn’t exist then it is created with the proper name. 189 more words

Provocative Teaching and the Challenge of Polarities in the Classroom


The following are my thoughts posted in the comments section of this Youtube video. I am not familiar with Jonathan Haidt’s work or the Joe Rogan Experience video podcast, though from what I gather Professor Haidt (New York University) has been somewhat controversial in advocating a centrist political position. 780 more words


Oh The Villainy: The Fine Young/Old/Midlife Cannibals

*Foreword: Hashtag NotAllCannibals applies since context counts and I’m not an authority on the topic. This article has been made in the interest of pop culture and opinion based on such, not a legitimate anthropological discussion.* 1,180 more words

Ethics and Social Responsibility in a Capitalist Society

By Gary Mullins 

Economics Undergraduate

Private corporations – the means of production – are the backbone of any capitalist society. Without them, the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services would be wholly inefficient. 1,443 more words


Art for Politics Sake

It’s true: I am sitting in the University library, mining for quotations from Revolution in the Theatre, a collection of essays about nineteenth century French romanticism, and desperately trying to relate them to contemporary performance. 338 more words