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A mark is a mark.

Those of you long accustomed to my writings, and what for want of a better word I will call my exploits, will be familiar with the fact that I have a lifelong obsession with the act of drawing. 1,128 more words

Curating Nature

‘Spiral Jetty’ is an enigmatic ribbon of rocks stretching out from a desolate shore of the Great Salt Lake, flanked by a sagebrush desert, and accessible only by a bumpy journey on a long dirt road. 2,324 more words

Ecological Restoration

三十六計/ San Shi Liu Ji - The Thirty six Stratagems Number 26

指桑罵槐/Zhi Sang Ma Huai – Point at the Mulberry, Curse the Locust


Original Text: The great insult inferiors, using a warning to persuade them. Strength leads to agreement; rugged behavior leads to obedience. 41 more words


三十六計/ San Shi Liu Ji - The Thirty six Stratagems Number 25

偷梁換柱/Tou Liang Huan Zhu -Steal the Beam, Replace the Pillar


Original Text: Cause frequent changes to his troop disposition, uproot his elites, await his self-destruction & then take advantage of him. 56 more words


Playful and Gameful

Through a series of random events, I found out that a fellow faculty member on campus studies play. Which is amazing! We had a chance to talk for a few minutes yesterday about how our interests align. 410 more words


Approach Diagnosis: not building enough attraction, using proper tactics.

Well, if you read my last blog it was a pretty ranty screed that’s mainly me just bitching about the fact I’ve had a drought when it comes to number closes on my approaches, and the fact the few numbers I got flaked on me. 1,723 more words