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anti-gravity explained.

if gravity turns out to be a statistical phenomenon, then it means that anti-gravity is possible.. you only need to make particles in an object to make vibrate in certain direction more often, in a concentrated way, or in a sharper way, like in inertia-driven experimental engines — this approach is proven and demonstrated in macroscopic scale long ago — technically it is possible, but slow and ineffective for a practical use. 490 more words


Random Thought 7/15

Random Thought: My current theory is that all people are untrustworthy in some ways, but you can almost always trust people that you do not know well to be themselves. 77 more words

cfp: "medieval yack meets digital hack"

Medieval Yack Meets Digital Hack: Theorizing the Digital Humanities

Exemplaria: Medieval/Early Modern/Theory invites one-page abstracts for 20-minute papers theorizing the digital humanities via Medieval Studies. DH is a field filled with early period specialists. 205 more words


Namaste Theory

One of the (many!) things I love about research is when I have an unexpected “ah ha!!” moment that no amount of planning or hope or best intentions could have created – only  a little breathing room to think. 558 more words


Victoria Flamel

If, like me, you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you probably would’ve at least heard of Victoria Flamel. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a YouTuber who mainly talks about other countries and what she thinks about them but not in a racist kind of way. 366 more words


The Motivational Dream Chart

   Thanks to beckyallinclusive I remembered that there is a way to boost our motivation. It is recommended for us to write our goals down and read them daily for maintaining our motivation levels up. 274 more words

Pointless Overthinking

Critical Theory: what's the value of Visual Kei, some core value and an opinion on how to hestimate a visual artist's value

No true research starts without letting the reader know why it is important to research on such topic and I want to do the same: Visual Kei must not be studied as the Japanese version of glam rock, but it can’t be defined worthy of research just because it is a peculiar genre of Japanese music. 536 more words

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