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Meet Metre

There are two main types of metre: qualitative and quantitative. You might remember this from my post, Poetry, Who is She?. Check it out. Good read, so I’m told. 745 more words


Moral Symbolism: The Book of Enoch

In 1077, Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV remained barefoot and on his knees in the snow for several days to express an act of penitence following his ex-communication by Pope Gregory VII, this symbolic gesture followed the power struggle between Church and State during the… 3,663 more words


18. Scales and chords revisited

So what you’re saying is you’re as confused as the rest of us regarding diminished seventh chords but don’t want to admit it?


Six Necromantic Laws

What follows are the six laws that I believe every modern necromancer should live by, as compiled from my own experience. Working with the dead is an often maligned art which, due to a mistranslation at some point in its history, has become synonymous with the darkest magicks. 741 more words

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Rhyme, A Brief Encounter

Today, we are going to talk about rhyme. In poetry, rhyme and rhythm are like pitch and beat in singing. The beat gives the movement but the pitch adds that extra level of beauty and symphony to a musical piece. 500 more words


Book: L’arte del disegno

I am five basic works into my latest artistic, hand-made experiment and in need of a bit of theory to progress further. That’s why I have just bought a very recent, comprehensive and well regarded… 64 more words


Everything You Need to Know About Rock Guitar Chord Progressions - Uberchord App

Learn everything about rock guitar chord progressions. How and what are they? Why are they in Roman numerals? Which are the most common chord progressions? 7 more words