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Raag Hindolam (Carnatic) or also know as Malkauns (Hindustani Music) is a pentatonic raaga (audava raaga) consisting only 5 notes. Its a janya raaga derived from the 20th mela Natabairavi. 241 more words


Einstein painted with beer.

Used a waterbrush filled with beer on a pizza box at Greenbush Brewing Company a local brewery here in Sawyer Michigan.


So Much to Write About, So Little Time

It’d be pretty disappointing if I got out of a writing convention with nothing to show for it wouldn’t it? Well, I’ve certainly got a few topics I’d love to go over. 111 more words

Η ελευθερία στον Σπινόζα

Η διαπραγμάτευση της ελευθερίας από τον Σπινόζα αποτελεί εφαρμογή μεθόδου που αναπτύσσεται στην Ηθική, την Πολιτική Πραγματεία και την Πραγματεία για την επανόρθωση της νόησης


How Not to Criticise Social Theory

There is no universal agreement about what the proper objectives of theory should be. Perhaps for that reason commentators can often be seen to criticise theories or theorists in ways that seem unfair. 389 more words

Market Square

Fast lines

Venetian Red and White Pastel on Toned Canson Paper 9×12″

Fast lines or plane lines. These lines which escape the subject and go into the ground of the drawing do some interesting work for you. 86 more words