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Raga Harikambhoji

Raaga Harikambhoji

Harikambhoji (pronounced harikāmbhōji) is a rāgam in Carnatic music. It is the 28th Melakarta rāgam in the 72 melakarta rāgam system and is a sampoorna raaga consisting of all seven notes. 81 more words


Of Sex and Women

I admit: women are the superior species.

Their love and affection is far superior than that of any man. Anyone who says to the contrary did not experience true love from a woman. 1,756 more words


Minecraft's effect on the universe

Minecraft pretty much explained the universe. What’s a Minecraft map before it starts rendering? Nothing. Yet it can begin existing in seconds. What is a Minecraft map expanding into? 55 more words


Review: Gothic & the Comic Turn

I finished this like a week ago and it is a good book. Avril Horner and Sue Zlosnik’s text has become fairly influential in Gothic Studies (as far I’m aware anyway, I might be wrong), which is pretty impressive given  576 more words


The Dark Ages And The Paranormal

During the Dark Ages many people believed in demons, vampires and other terrifying creatures of the night, but by the middle ages, the belief in ghosts was influenced by the Christian Church. 140 more words