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Is the US a Top Terrorist State? A Response to Noam Chomsky.

Noam Chomsky may pay lip service to anarchy, but he is a social democrat in favor of some form of statism, and when a statist attempts to designate certain states as “terroristic” they will inevitably fall into contradiction. 593 more words


A new site, a new purpose.

But what is it?

It’s actually one of my goals to start a blog. So I might as well start it today.

I’ve never taken seriously blogs before, I’ve always thought them as money machines of the sort that takes a huge amount of effort to really turn them into money machines. 308 more words

Dissecting gender

It is all too easy to go through life without noticing that sex and gender are two very disparate entities. This article attempts to dissect the differences between the two elements and highlights the media’s role in reinforcing sometimes harmful gender norms. 2,257 more words


Tarot: How I Read the Fans

A card-by-card (this card is the past, this your conscious ideas, et cetera.) approach has never interested me too much. It’s somewhat repetitive. I prefer fans. 492 more words


Coursera – DYM Lesson 4 videos (1)

Ok. Here’s a summary of what I saw, and hopefully learned, from video #1 of Lesson 4 for Coursera’s online Developing Your Musicianship class. The interviews this week centered on auditioning to get into Berklee. 1,036 more words