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In search of co-production

Co-production. The only time I’d seen the word was in film credits, so when it appeared in a Parent Carer Forum (PCF) newsletter in 2013, I asked what it meant. 2,012 more words


‘Girl’s best friend’ saves the day

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A DEAF and partially blind old blue heeler named Max is being praised by Queensland police for helping to keep a three-year-old girl safe while she spent the night lost in Queensland bushland. 2,106 more words


One thing that has always bothered me in Animal Crossing games, is how when we visit another player’s town we meet copies of the NPCs in our own town, and no one makes a big deal about it.

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Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin understands the photographic process as one in which reality “sears” the photographic material at a specific moment in time. the highlights the potential of this moment of contact, the shift of its development in space and time, for example when a photograph is viewed. 32 more words


When i think about paradox, I think about contradictions. How everything in life is contradicting to something and yet we choose to believe both. We want to take the leap of faith but with approval from our trust issue. 263 more words



A SWOT analysis can help to identify any key issues that could affect my project, which I can compare to my strengths and opportunities. This helps me focus on what I should be aware of and how I can use my advantages to bring my project forward. 222 more words