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9/22/2018 Everyday Psychometrics: life cycle of psychological ideas

This book focuses on the familiar but little understood cycle whereby some “great” psychologists’ ideas reach a pinnacle of influence that endure while others slide into oblivion and then are “rediscovered” and rehabilitated to become relevant again.

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Everyday Psychometrics

八卦掌十六字訣/Baguazhang Shi Liu Zi Jue - Baguazhang's Sixteen Character Secret

第一公式/Di Yi Gongshi – First Formula

推托帶領, 搬扣劈進
穿閃截攔, 粘黏連隨

•推/Tui – Push

•托/Tuo – Lift

•帶/Dai – Carry

•領/Ling – Lead

•搬/Ban – Move… 64 more words


MSP Hackers Uncovered - Part One

Hello my sparkles! and welcome back to another conspiracy theory blog! Today I will be talking about 5 different hackers so if you want to scroll down to a specific hacker this is the order: Unknown Female, Grim Reaper, The Dolly, Pixi Star, Miss Filly. 1,499 more words


Movie Thoughts – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

   This is an emotional true story based movie about the bond between a man and his dog (you can find more about this movie here… 284 more words

Pointless Overthinking

Weekly Reflective Response No. 2

Evolution Crash-Course and Contrasting Theories

This week, we have completely finished up the crash course of evolution, theories of evolution, and the people behind the theories. 259 more words

Big Idea No. 1

Survival of Eukaryotic Life in Snowball Earth


Characterized by both extreme atmospheric and geographical conditions, the Neoproterozoic era left indications of a period when earth was completely shrouded in ice. This epoch of extensive glaciation has led scientists, Paul Hoffman and colleagues, to construct an extensively debated theory known as, “Snowball Earth”, to explain this phenomenon. 1,400 more words

EBI Elation!!!

So after all the stress and worry about my EBI … I passed!!! And with a flippin good score (89%).

Victory is bitter sweet though. I made a bet with a friend on what the score would be and he was the closest. 50 more words

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