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Another Book Abloom

I just finished the rough draft of a new novel, an epic historical to conclude my trilogy set in ancient Ireland. Spring always puts me in mind of things coming to life, so it seems fitting that this book has come to life for me now as my daffodils bloom. 178 more words

Book News

Getting Home from Oasa

The ping said that if we got in Cainun’s fleet fast, there was a chance of a big kill.  The call was for the armor T3 cruiser fleet doctrine, which features the Legion and Proteus strategic cruisers along with armor logi and support.  1,301 more words


Doo Doo Doo, Lookin' out My Back Door

When traveling to Santorini, were to stay is one of the biggest decisions to make.  I researched Fira and Oia, and we decided that Oia’s reputation for being quiet and having less of a party scene fit our plans best. 394 more words

Aegean Sea

Analysis of Herodotus: Book Four

Much like Book Two the reader is given Herodotus the ethnographer, history playing a secondary rule. Though like Book Two, Herodotus’ ethnography has another purpose and this illuminates much about the Persians and the Greeks. 1,206 more words

November 2016

Santorini, the volcanic island

As promised in my last post about the conference I recently attended on Crete, here’s one about the short holiday I took en route back to the UK – a couple of days on the island of Santorini (aka Thera), the largest of several islands formed around and inside a caldera (crater) left by a series of volcanic eruptions. 849 more words


Thelios Fact Book: Region Laconia

Region Laconia 

Location: Northwest region of Delta Continent

Regional Capital: Thera

Primary Industries: Guardian Training and Support; Security Technology; Adventure Tourism 441 more words


The Great Palace of Knossos (Minoan era), Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Crete was the center of the once-mighty Minoan civilization, a major power for over a millennium.  The Great Palace of Knossos is the largest and most spectacular of all the Minoan palaces, dating from 1700 BC, with over 1,000 rooms.  1,198 more words