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Thelios Fact Book: Region Laconia

Region Laconia 

Location: Northwest region of Delta Continent

Regional Capital: Thera

Primary Industries: Guardian Training and Support; Security Technology; Adventure Tourism 441 more words


The Great Palace of Knossos (Minoan era), Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Crete was the center of the once-mighty Minoan civilization, a major power for over a millennium.  The Great Palace of Knossos is the largest and most spectacular of all the Minoan palaces, dating from 1700 BC, with over 1,000 rooms.  1,198 more words


Leadership pack (September)

Welcome to the Leadership Pack September 2016.

I hope you have had a good summer.  I have included a couple of posts that I put together during my recent holiday.  302 more words


Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

Just a quick post to say the following:

-No, I haven’t forgotten about my domain here. Moreover, I’m anticipating the celebration of its being up and running for one year very soon. 229 more words

Blade of Kings , An Inquisition Legend

Blade of Kings,
A short story by Victor Tan

Part of the Inquisition Universe

His army formed a wall of soldiers, adorning their golden armour. Simple and plain. 470 more words

Union Orion

Leadership pack (June)

Welcome to the Leadership Pack June 2016.

This edition has a networking theme.  It includes contributions from a number of former colleagues, colleagues and friends that really help make this a special edition which is full of ideas, tips and learning. 277 more words