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Weird Al Wednesday - October 2015

Hello, readers!  I must apologize for being a week late.  I really thought I’d have time to get this up last week, but alas, life happened.  239 more words

Weird Al Wednesdays


I’ve discovered a new instrument. The Theramin !! I watched “Frank” today with my manager Nuray and music producer Ilker Ergur. During the movie I noticed an odd instrument which was controlled by hand movements and an antenna. 85 more words


Sound Project

C.M. got her music education from her mother’s turn-tables and 500 albums. Her early influences were the theatrical artists, Electric Light Orchestra, David Bowie and Meatloaf.  316 more words


Picking up new family member and checking out others. I want that Theremini! I’m in the Moog for love!! มารับสมาชิกใหม่แต่อยากได้อย่างอื่นกลับบ้านด้วยยยยย 😍📡🎵👾 #moog #ladyam #ladyladyam #ladyammusic #music #sounds #recording #recordingartists #musicgears #theramin #theremini #classyrecords #guitarcenter (at Guitar Center Sherman Oaks)

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