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Benefits of Prenatal Massage

There are certain times in life when massage can be even more beneficial than it would normally be, and pregnancy is one of those times.  Oftentimes during pregnancy, hip expansion causes pressure on the lower back and spinal nerves, increasing pain causing mobility and sleep issues.   311 more words

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Taming Your Tension

Muscle tension is like a car that’s idling too fast. The car is revved up and working hard but nothing useful is happening. There’s more wear and tear on the motor. 1,316 more words

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What's So Swedish About Massage?

One of the most common questions I hear from my massage clients is, “What is a Swedish massage?” In all honesty, the term “Swedish massage” is somewhat of a misnomer to what is now known as therapeutic massage; and many schools are moving to teach massage practitioners in the modality of “therapeutic massage” in place of Swedish massage. 460 more words


When should cyclists get a massage?

When To Get A Massage

Massage is as integral to a professional cyclist’s daily routine as riding the bike is. What does massage do for a cyclist? 681 more words

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Walking as a Lifestyle Choice

Everyone knows he or she “should” be doing regular exercise, but most people have not exercised in so many years that they don’t know where to begin. 729 more words

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