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Youth-at-risk talks yoga

The school year is wrapping up and along with it, our teachers that have been sharing the practices of yoga and mindfulness with youth-at-risk in area schools are finishing their classes too. 396 more words

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Activating the 3rd Manipura Chakra

“The energy lies within you, but, like a furnace, it needs to be ignited and channeled appropriately.”

We first connected with our physical bodies, the environment and the earth in the Muladhara chakra. 302 more words


Inmates talk about yoga, 2

Sharing the practice of yoga and mindfulness with the incarcerated is one of the many ways that Light A Path works to create resilience through connection. 493 more words

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Inmates talk about yoga

Light A Path has been honored to support and participate in a pilot program of yoga with incarcerated men at the Buncombe County Detention Facility. The program has been deemed successful and will be continuing, thanks to the support of Sheriff Van Duncan, Captain Scott Allen and Volunteer Coordinator Val Lamberti as well as dedicated teachers Julia Albertson, Paul Heumiller and Eddie Velasquez. 410 more words

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Yoga in the West~ Are we losing the Essence?

Yoga is an ancient art form. Originating in India, it has now made its way throughout the entire world~ touching students each and every day in its own unique form. 1,011 more words

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Aligning the Svadhisthana Chakra

“Physiologically, the feelings of the second chakra move towards the satisfaction of hunger and sexuality. Emotionally, the seconds chakras drive is toward connection and fulfillment. Spiritually, the urge is toward a higher consciousness, liberation, and connection to the Divine.” Anodea Judith… 268 more words


Yoga for Curing Vertigo...

Postures are chosen which activate the nervous system and the balance centres in the inner ear, as well as building focus and concentration. They also have a direct effect on the sympathetic nervous system and help to improve the blood circulation to the head and other parts of the body. 225 more words

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