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Fried Yam and Fish Rolls

I just played a “guess the dish” game, on two facebook groups. The only clue was that it is not made with flour. I laughed and nearly peed my pants when two of my Facebook buds answered Fried Eba and Okra! 174 more words


The Meaning of Tenacity

There’s a fleeting awareness that materializes from time to time when I think of our amazing kids, especially Bunz and his friends who struggle with physical disabilities. 678 more words

Something Real

EFFECTIVE (Emphasis on Effective) All-Natural Techniques That Help Clear Acne

After struggling for most of my life with skin issues, I’ve tried A LOT of different holistic beauty techniques in an effort to turn blistered-looking skin into a healthy, glowing complexion. 1,323 more words

Treating Dystonia

There are a number of different options sufferers are offered when diagnosed with Dystonia ranging from Deep Brain Stimulation to botox injections/ medication, and  physiotherapy and psychotherapy. 206 more words


Does Any One Know What Official ,effective Therapies Are Available For Ptsd?

Hi Just wondering if anyone knew of the official, effective therapies for Ptsd. There are so many different ones out there. Not to say I would try anything if it was to work properly. 7 more words

Arts therapies for adults suffering from depression in the UK

Arts therapies in the UK are a form of psychotherapy. They use arts media in conjunction with therapeutic relationship to achieve therapeutic changes. There are four forms of arts therapies: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Drama Therapy. 111 more words

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