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Delisle health clinic provides speech pathology services

Reprinted in part from the Clark’s Crossing Gazette, November 26, 2015 edition

By Terry Pugh

Licensed Speech Pathologist Katie Schlosser recently contracted with the Delisle Primary Health Centre to provide assessment, treatment and support for children and adults with speech, language, learning or developmental concerns. 371 more words


Cluck like a Chicken? Only if you want to

It never ceases to amaze me, the response I get when I first mention hypnosis and hypnotherapy to prospective clients. I get the glazed, questioning look and I know they’re thinking that if they allow me to hypnotise them, they’ll end up doing stupid or silly things they think would embarrass them.  593 more words


Tissue Nest

I followed some raindrops down the glass with a finger, a therapeutic yet strangely addictive thing. Also frustrating as hell when one droplet gets stuck in its place. 301 more words


What Professional I Need For Diagnosis And Types Of Therapies.

Since yesterday I read some posts here, where the events causing trauma are so obvious and scary that I started doubting if I really have PTSD or maybe if I have the right to have it… I was luckier than many but maybe also less lucky than others.. 63 more words

Vacuum Therapies for breast care...

Vacuum Therapies for Breast Care and Surgical Applications By Anita J. Shannon, LMBT

The last two years revealed some amazing experiences as we delved deeper into breast care and surgical applications using vacuum therapies. 757 more words


Magnified Healing vs Reiki: What are the main differences?

Many of us have now heard of Reiki; it’s certainly taken its place in the world of holistic therapies, with many variations including Angelic Reiki. There are other healing modalities coming to the surface from spiritual healing, Angel healing and Rahanni healing, all of which are beautiful therapies created to heal the whole body. 831 more words

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The awkward conflict of sales

Do you ever feel awkward about charging for your therapies? Do you ever feel that you are charging too much, or feel as though you should be offering your therapies for free? 265 more words