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An Afternoon With Bowen

Last Saturday, ‘affa sair’, had its first weekend meeting. The Group had been offered a Taster Session on Bowen Therapy by local practitioner Maurizia Ferrari. (  692 more words

Victoria Offers Extended Consultations from 1st October

  As you know, Victoria has become our main referral nutritionist for Purehealth and has already thankfully helped many of you. When I set her off, I expected her to operate mainly as a sort of support service for those of you following Purehealth Plans, needing help with your results etc and we set her prices accordingly lower than usual. 513 more words


Still the unfittest but there's a step up

Day 2 at Gym today.

I was feeling bloody awful last night and this morning. I took ages to decide to go the Gym but after a good talking too by myself was glad I did. 598 more words

8 Natural Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most common widespread type of Auto-immune Arthritis. It is triggered by a defective immune system and influences the small joints of the body like wrist, knuckles etc. 483 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The unfittest of the unfit

Never before in my life have I been bottom of the class.  Now in my early dotage, I found myself in that position today.  It wasn’t an examination or any assessment it was actually something I chose to do. 1,200 more words

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Food Issues?

As you know, I used clinical hypnotherapy myself to help get from fewer than 20 foods back almost to normal now, yay :).

I asked ‘ 966 more words


My Physical Therapy Story

I’ve been wanting to blog about my experience with my physical therapy (PT) from my journey’s beginning & figured this can also serve as a decent summary in which I can pass along for future providers. 843 more words