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Discrete Trial Training (DTT) “is a method of teaching in simplified and structured steps. Instead of teaching an entire skill in one go, the skill is broken down and “built-up” using discrete trials that teach each step one at a time” (Smith, 2001). 294 more words

Accelerations Educational Software DT Trainer

Light Grids Healing Technique - Patrycja Kurczynska

Light Grids healing technique

Light Grids is a healing technique channelled by Damien Wynne by which connecting and touching certain points on the physical body and within the energy field of a person, allows clearing and healing on a very deep level from blocks and issues that are holding you back. 596 more words


Spiritual Mediumship – Gerry Browne and Anne Galagher

Spiritual mediumship with our natural mediums Anne Galagher and Gerry Browne.

Come and get a reading about pressing issues or check if your loved ones have something important to communicate to you. 185 more words


Numerology – Ute Klingler

Do you want to unlock all of the secrets your numbers hold, what is your life path number, your destiny number, your soul number?

With the help of our numbers we can discover ourselves, who we really are and how to improve our lives. 314 more words


Aura Photography – Angela Brady

Our aura, scientifically the electro-magnetic energy that surrounds the physical body, is a perfect mirror of how we are – mind, body and spirit.   We arrive into this lifetime on a colour ray and with a beautifully coloured aura surrounding us.  125 more words


Tapping/ EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – Ute Klingler

Emotional Healing with EFT (Meridian Therapy) Sessions

The best first of all: you can learn how to apply it to yourself, how to use it in many areas of your life. 584 more words