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Survivorship: Complementary & Integrative Therapies

Many people use complementary therapies during or after their breast cancer care. Some use complementary therapies to improve quality of life and relieve side effects of treatment or the breast cancer itself. 554 more words

Breast Cancer

The cure for cancer?

Often when people ask me what I do, I say ‘I’m a masters student studying Cancer biology’. This is then often followed with the question, ‘oh, so you’re going to find the cure for cancer?’ While I would love for the answer to be yes, unfortunately, it is not that simple. 358 more words


The importance of palliative home care for older people

Sandra Silva Preciado gives a personal view of working as a physiotherapist in geriatric psychomotricity and palliative care in Bogotá, Colombia.

In Colombia, the elderly have always received less palliative care because they have the preconception that it is normal for them to reach the end of their lives. 958 more words


Evidence of Evidence: CBT and Addiction

Many psychological and medication therapies claim strong evidential basis. What, then, is evidence?

To ask this question is to resonate with Pontius Pilate: ‘What, then, is truth?’ The concept of truth is and always has marked a key philosophical debate. 1,294 more words

Addicion Services

the healing castle schochwitz

What an intriguing and interesting  place with all its history and unique paintings and furnishings. You could get lost for hours just looking around at all these things. 104 more words

Self Discovery

Even Laundry is Kingdom Work

We were out our home health nurse last week due to her getting sick with a high fever and aches. I handled it spectacularly with a great attitude, thinking I’d soak up a day of just me and the kiddos, teaching the older two, caring and nursing for my youngest. 1,459 more words

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