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On to the Next Therapist

I go through therapists like I go through underwear it feels. I counted eight PTs & OTs I’ve seen now, not counting that huge team in Hawaii. 478 more words

Today we celebrate the progress of Special Education!

What exactly is special education? Special education features instruction and interventions designed to meet the individual needs of each child with a disability. While this doesn’t seem like such a dramatic idea to us now, it is fairly new. 391 more words


A Mother's Search for Treatment 

While there is no known cure for autism, it is clear with early dedication and intervention children with the condition can sustain a better quality of life, which leaves the question to what the right treatment is for a particular child. 583 more words


Reactions to illness stigma: living with others judgement

At Brighton Wellness Centre, we are well aware of the mental health stigma that pervades our society. Even in 2016, with the many pioneering organisations and charities helping those with mental illness, with the rise of good medications that work (such as anti depressants and mood stabilisers) and an awareness of psychotherapy, there is still stigma. 564 more words

Social Phobia

Gimpy Walking Gimpy

We have a nearly 90 yr old (in dog years) Labrador, Shadow who miraculously keeps ticking along despite her ailments. Jeanie & I even went as far to say that we’ll postpone planning any sort of vacation travel ‘another six months’ now maybe 3 or 4 times now thinking, well sadly she wont be around with us, and here she is still, bless her heart. 90 more words

Bach's Flower Remedies 

History and Origins

Bach’s Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well known pathologist, bacteriologist and physician. Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. 2,521 more words