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6 Ways to Deal With Stress

  • Step away from the situation/Leave work at work.
  • Repeat positive affirmations and use positive self-talk throughout the day
  • Do an activity you enjoy and relaxes you.
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Have You Tried Music Therapy? 

Music therapy has many benefits and helps with healing trauma. I have attached a link that provides great insight about music and mental health. I thought I would share a song that speaks to me, uplifts me and calms my thoughts. 11 more words



Meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy’, Reiki is an ancient and completely natural non-invasive process of healing. It uses universal energy to balance and harmonise the client not only on a physical level helping to relive pain and regenerate organs and tissues. 53 more words

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Crystal Therapy

Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. absorb, focus, direct and diffuse our energy fields to enable a diseased or out of balance body to find it’s natural energetic rhythm once again. 116 more words

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a traditional scalp massage, extended to include the neck, upper back, shoulders, arms and face. Carried out seated and clothed it is a surprisingly powerful treatment, which can induce deep relaxation and is particularly useful for mental stress, tension, headaches and sinus problems. 34 more words

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Swedish Massage

Massage is probably the oldest and simplest of all health treatments and one many of us use instinctively. Drawing on the original Swedish massage techniques, my style is very much intuitive and combines Reiki to suit the individual. 42 more words

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Arthritis: A Stiff Situation

Arthritis – that affliction of achy, stiff, inflamed joints.

Did you know there are over 100 different types of Arthritis?

Despite this, the most common type is Osteoarthritis… 496 more words