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How to Make Chiropractic Adjustments Successful In Long Run

In this day and age, the humans normally look for quick fix. From finance to healthcare, we want to get things done effectively and efficiently. While there are many thing which can be done quickly thanks to the automation, there are things in quite a number that still require hard work and consistency if you want those things done in an effective manner. 347 more words

Back Pain

How this Simple Habit can Prevent Brain Fog

As summer starts to come in strong, I always like to bring up this simple but vital habit that can help prevent brain fog.  Are you drinking enough water today? 267 more words

Embracing Alternative Therapies and Their Role in Addiction Recovery

Engaging in addiction recovery may be the most important challenge you ever undertake. It’s vital to use the best tools available to you. Alternative methods can help you achieve success. 763 more words

Mental Health Advocacy

Ever Tried Life Coaching In Delhi? It’s Miraculous!

To put it in the simplest words, life coaching is assisting someone to overcome their life challenges. It is guiding someone to find their own power and path to move from their current state to the desired state or goal. 326 more words


8 year old boy with ADHD and his improvements after AIT

J. is an 8 year old boy diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at age 2 by a developmental pediatrician. Mom noticed that J was delayed in many aspects. 1,326 more words


Don't Miss These 7 Steps To Pranic Healing When In Delhi

Pranic healing is an amazing therapy that activates, improves, and amplifies the ‘prana’ or ‘the breath of life’ for healing purposes and energy benefits. This ‘prana’ heals the person and makes them feel dynamic. 425 more words


Key Nutrients to Improve Diabetes

When it comes to Type II Diabetes, there are many natural therapies that can be used to improve your HgA1C and blood sugars as well as reduce or even prevent certain long term side effects of diabetes. 178 more words