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I Might Be Overcompensating...

When we started this journey together last year, I shared how from the youngest age I was encouraged to do everything anyone else could do. Tying shoes, moving desks, carrying school books; all of that and more was naturally a part of my abilities. 1,237 more words


Summer slips through autumn and the bones, kiss, reminisce the fallen leaves that shatter on impact. A fact that summer had chosen to ignore this year.

63 more words

Drawing Me Out: How DisArts Tells My Story

If you’ve ever encountered me through video or in real life, the word most associated with my personality is “bubbly.” I love engaging with people and get energized by them. 1,066 more words

Crafting Characters

Happiness Season


Christmas is coming!!!

December feels like those moments in time when you are running fater than your body, your mind, your everything.

Everything is so accelerated. 83 more words


Working On My Innermost Complications

Working on my innermost complications

Mechanical therapy with the help of this machine

Delving into the trenches of my battered soul

Returning with perspectives I might have never seen


Marma and Immunity

How can I remain healthy and immune in these sensitive times?

Can Marma help me increase my immunity?

In this crucial time of various infections all over, you need to have a great immunity to survive and remain healthy. 67 more words


The wisdom of the forest, finding inner peace in nature

Much can be learned through a sojourn into the outdoors, pushing oneself can be a way to understand oneself

FOUR years ago at age 60, I took up hiking as a hobby, and little did I know hiking was a lot more than a walk in a park. 1,470 more words