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Why I Chose To Write Experimental Fiction

I love words. And I love seeing them strung together in new and different ways. There was one particular writing workshop that allowed me the space and freedom to experiment with word combinations and sentence structures, playing with various forms until I found one that I felt I could continue with. 622 more words

While the World Was Sleeping: A Review of Blake Butler's There Is No Year and Nothing

I started reading Blake Butler’s first foray into non-fiction, Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia, when I couldn’t fall asleep one night. This is unsurprising. I have my own troubled history with sleep, and so I’d been keeping the book on my nightstand, waiting until one of the nights that I lay there and lay there and lay there, head buzzing and heavy on the pillow. 1,894 more words

There Is No Point

OK, I didn’t get to Richard Brautigan last night to relax myself to sleep.

Foolishly, almost against my will, I picked up Blake Butler’s There Is No Year again instead. 1,212 more words

Toulouse Street

There is No Year by Blake Butler

Nearly every review I’ve read of Blake Butler’s There is No Year struggles to frame the novel by immediately likening it to some other story rather than viewing it on its own terms. 795 more words


There Is No Year

The Short Version: An unnamed family moves into a new house after their boy barely survived a terrible illness.  Strangely, there is a copy family already there.   792 more words