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thus, therefore and hence are different

A simple way of distinguishing and using these words accurately:

1. ‘Thus’ means ‘in this/that way’ – it relates to ‘ 184 more words


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right," —Henry Ford. Often many are discouraged at the sight of the first bump in the road. These bumps are tests of your willingness to go on when it seems that there are more things against you than those that are for you. Each of these bumps bring about a valuable lesson. Just as there is a purpose for absolutely everything that occurs in our lives each of these lessons empower us with greater knowledge and wisdom that we will later call upon before committing to our future decisions. That is why it is so valuable to learn from your mistakes but even greater to learn from the mistakes of those who have come before you. So know that when life does not seem to be going the way you expected or planned you have one job and that is to keep your faith and fight on. These go hand in hand as a blind man who has no motivation but to fight is weak in his spirit. The battle for happiness, success, and all achievement is first won in the heart. Do not forget that the plane takes off against the wind only to find itself soaring over the earth soon after. There is one advantage that you have that will triumph and carry you further than all who have come and given up on the path you travel today... that is your faith. For faith gives strength. So know that because you come from greatness you are only capable of great things, therefore, You can and more importantly, YOU WILL. #Leader #Inspire #Innovation #Mindset #Motivation #Business #Entrepreneur #Success #Quote #Truth #Tips #Lesson #BOSS #Strength #Power #Luxury #Hustle #Goals #Mentor #Bold #Grind #PhotoOfTheDay #Follow #Like #Instagood #InstaDaily #MotivationalQuotes #Fearless #Ambition

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right,” —Henry Ford.
Often many are discouraged at the sight of the first bump in the road. 277 more words


Disproportionately Crucial That You Individuals Therefore Incomprehensible -- Multitude of Empire & Allies Cheaper Gold

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Therefore symbol in LaTeX

There is no therefore symbol in the default LaTeX packages. There are (at least) two ways of getting the symbol:

The package amssymb contains the… 52 more words

The Most Important Word in the Bible

Okay, so let me just admit up front that saying a particular word is the most important word in the Bible is probably an overstatement. If that’s what you are thinking, you win. 2,064 more words



the internal universe reflects the external universe and the external universe reflects the internal universe. every action in one universe has a reaction in the other