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Stargazing...there's an app for that

At a bonfire on the beach in Corpus Christi Texas recently, I discovered there is an app for identifying stars and constellations in the sky.  A friend of my niece showed me how his phone could pick out and label the constellations just by holding his phone up to the star lit sky… 147 more words


Like a fat man nodding off after a brick dance

Have you watched ‘Weeds’ ? Nancy Botwin slowly but surely destroying pretty much everything good in her life by selling weed to maintain her life after being widowed?   1,406 more words


Knocking on Heaven's Door: Church access

The hobby of churchcrawling seems to have escaped the sort of stereotypes that trainspotting, birdwatching and stamp collecting have amalgamated. It’s a rather obscure activity, to the point where it’s common even for people well-educated in matters of history and heritage to be ignorant that churches are not only full of innumerable treasures, but are usually welcoming to casual visitors throughout the week. 1,762 more words


Facebook Wants You Able To Live-Stream Whatever You're Doing To Everyone You Know… Eventually

You can already use Facebook to sign in to locations, tell everyone what you think about them, post pictures of what you did there, leave reviews of how it went, and host video of all your shenanigans. 333 more words

NASA Creates App Aimed At Shortening Commercial Flights, Saving Fuel

There’s an app for just about everything. And that now includes one created by NASA and aimed at helping commercial airlines shorten flight times and conserve fuel. 328 more words

Taking the Plunge: Online Dating

I’ve had my smart phone for about a week now. I know, way to join the modern age, right? I’ve been getting used to typing/texting on a touch screen, the joys of autocorrect, apps and having a halfway decent camera. 426 more words


Ordering through Grabb app and Little Fin review

*Download the Grabb app to use your $10+ towards some Booths at the CNE Food Building

Last week I told you to download the Grabb app and get your $10 worth… 853 more words