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Sunday Reader: Shroud 2.0 - An App for the Shroud of Turin

Shroud 2.0 is a high-tech app that gives the user a look at Christianity’s most important artifact.

Several years ago on Good Friday, according to a… 353 more words

Have Writing Difficulties? There’s an App for That

An app has been created to help students with writing difficulties. For individuals with disabilities that impact writing, filling out a worksheet could cause frustration and cause the individual to fall behind academically. 241 more words

Assistive Technology

Gun Shot App?

Police Use New Gun Shot Tracking App To Find Gunfire

Yup… And they’re about to roll it out in NY.

Calling the cops for at the sounds of gunshots might just be a thing of the past. 75 more words


A Funny Tech Story: There's ALREADY An App for That!?

“There an app for that!”

It seems neither me nor my Facebook friend were aware of just how true that statement-turned-meme has become! You see, he’s a bird watcher. 264 more words

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How did I ever survive before the days of cell phones with apps? I had to actually go to my computer to check Facebook, therefore I spent way less time surfing the content. 823 more words

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The Challenges and opportunities of Social Media

(Source: empowernetwork.com)

The “Users of the world, unite!” is a very interesting article about the challenges and opportunities that comes with the use of social media. 428 more words