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I’m giddy with excitement to share this find with you.

For those of you who know me or have read some of my past blog posts you know I enjoy keeping my favorite scripture verses with me at all times. 871 more words


Meet the Small Parties: VoteFlux - Upgrade Democracy

Squeezing in a quick political post before work for a party whose distinguishing feature – and selling point – is that it has no policies!  The ideological, next-generation offspring of… 785 more words


There's an App for That: Plant Nanny

My love of coffee makes it very difficult for me to stay hydrated. When the middle of the day rolls around and I feel sluggish, I tend to turn to the Keurig I have stashed in the back corner of my classroom and forget all about the 40oz water bottle perched on my desk. 249 more words


Comparison Shopper

The best thing about online shopping, other than being able to do it in your PJ’s while sitting on the couch, is the ability to compare the pricing and features of your tacky jean shorts, or a totally outdated 1080p only HD TV to a cutting edge UHD TV’s on different websites. 594 more words


Soup My Coop - The App

I am in a digital media course at Texas State University and my professor asked us to develop a preview of an app that embodies our blog. 273 more words


Stargazing...there's an app for that

At a bonfire on the beach in Corpus Christi Texas recently, I discovered there is an app for identifying stars and constellations in the sky.  A friend of my niece showed me how his phone could pick out and label the constellations just by holding his phone up to the star lit sky… 147 more words


Like a fat man nodding off after a brick dance

Have you watched ‘Weeds’ ? Nancy Botwin slowly but surely destroying pretty much everything good in her life by selling weed to maintain her life after being widowed?   1,406 more words