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The Most Religious Proposal Ever

So there were these two holy and religious good friends who had been discerning for their vocation. The two of them was in love with God, chased the Heavenly Kingdom, and hungry for the conversion of so many souls. 170 more words


Through Desolation Remain in Peace

Remain in peace, little brother!
The dark cloud will one day disappear.
Yes, may your heart stay peaceful;
Jesus will emerge one day from his hiding-place.

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Bearing and being changed

In one of the talks in the online course related to his book Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps, Richard Rohr describes the process of recovery in the words of Thérèse of Lisieux: 405 more words

Daily Office

The Gifts of Knowledge and Piety in the Contemplative Life

We normally say that four Gifts of the Holy Spirit pertain to action, and three pertain to contemplation. Depending on whom you ask, the three contemplative Gifts of the Holy Spirit are Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge or Wisdom, Understanding, and Piety. 672 more words

Thoughts And Writings

Sneaky Saint Therese

So I have a story for all of you.

I decided to pray a novena to this beautiful little flower of Jesus.

So last night I was in adoration and I was like “Hey Saint Therese, I haven’t really ever prayed to you. 291 more words

Hildegard, Catherine, Teresa and Therese

The following is a  revised version of a review I had published in the National Catholic Reporter within the last month or so. The full… 902 more words

Simplicity of Prayer

Do we sometimes complicate prayer, thinking that unless we’re reciting traditional formulas, we’re not “really” praying? But in truth, prayer is beautifully simple, as easy and natural as speaking with our family and friends. 204 more words