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Throw-it-all-in vegetable soup

I’ve had a rare baby-free weekend, and instead of making reservations at the hottest, UN-baby-friendly joints in town, I decided that I would spend it cooking. 367 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Nigella's chocolate chip muffins

I may have mentioned this before, but I have a bit of an issue with open pantry items. I feel the need to use them up as fast as I can, for fear of forgetting said items and letting them go past their use-by date. 195 more words

Thermomix Recipes

An Interview With Thermomix Blogger Tenina Holder

I am sooooo happy that I got to meet the lovely Tenina at this year’s Problogger Event. Here is a youtube video and a quick interview with the famous Thermomix blogger Tenina: 611 more words


Brownie balls

I was very late to the protein ball party. I shouldn’t have been given my love for peanut butter, but better late than never right? I must also confess to having a MASSIVE girl crush on Zoe Foster Blake so when she mentioned something on her Instagram account about bliss balls and Thermomix I literally went out the next day to stock up on ingredients. 286 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Apple, banana, coconut and date muffins

This four-day weekend has been the BEST, I managed to try four different and NEW recipes in the Thermomix. CAPS EVERYWHERE!

I wanted to give Arianna a treat that packed in some fruit and was relatively healthy. 290 more words

Thermomix Recipes

Super easy peanut butter

I grew up on Kraft peanut butter. I tried a couple of healthy versions recently but perhaps my tastebuds are conditioned to eating artificial goodness, because I just couldn’t get into the all-natural stuff. 271 more words

Thermomix Recipes