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Berkenalan dengan Kateglo.com

Kateglo.com adalah sebuah situs web yang bisa digunakan untuk mencari makna kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Jadi ini bukan tipe kamus dwibahasa seperti kamus Indonesia-Inggris, dll. Situs ini dikembangkan oleh Ivan Lanin, dkk tahun 2009. 101 more words


Don't be Inordinately Wordy, Verbose, Garrulous or Affected on Twitter

With a small number of users, Twitter is experimenting with a 280 character limit.

I am not in this control group, but have used Windows 10 tools to create a worst case scenario. 29 more words

Poem: A Man Who Longs to be a Thesaurus

By: Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Your eyes are cove familiar
binoculars of a particular leering
dilated sentiments from broken mason jars
the centuries between us a simple jump rope… 73 more words


In Need of a Map

Ask Siri how to get where you’re going, and she’ll tell you, “In two hundred feet, turn left at Market Street.” When you miss that turn, she’ll adjust her directions, unperturbed by your error. 966 more words


Evolution of Ideas: Final Project

Furthering development from last week’s iterations, my project has evolved after deliberation from classmates and brainstorming of ideas. I’m excited by the inputs that I received through collaboration as it enabled me to articulate my thoughts more clearly – as well as workshop the purpose of my work. 401 more words


Out in the Boondocks?

The other day, I was working on my fiction series and had one of my characters refer to the “boondocks.” My editor brain got to wondering whether I was using the best word to mean “a remote, unsophisticated rural area.” 253 more words

Janice C Johnson

Word of the Day: October 3rd, 2017

Cynosure (si-know-shurr; English noun): A person, place, or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.

 Brian Kinney, a well-known hottie of Pittsburgh, was the cynosure of all the men at the nightclub, Babylon.