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Day 85: Pun Fun

Since I broke my usual pattern and rambled/ruminated over the weekend, I thought I’d shake things up a little bit today, too, and start the week with a little humor. 34 more words


Orange is the New Black in Library School

It turns out, my graduate program is really cool.  For my Information Representation and Access class this semester one of my major assignments was to create a Thesaurus of terms for something I know a lot about.   214 more words


Improve Your Vocabulary with this Innovative Thesaurus

Add to Your Lexicon With Visual Thesaurus—A Different Way To Look At Words from Thinkmap

We tend to lean on particular words. People easily recognize our preferences by the way we use them—over and over again.   496 more words


What's In Your Bookmark List?

One of the things in my list is from Thesaurus.com for “perturbed.” Seeing as how Tora is perturbed quite a bit, I guess I wanted different ways of expressing that.

What’s in your list?


Why every Yoga instructor should own a Thesaurus

Yoga is a practice that involves a lot of repetition. From the breathing to the movements to the basic structure of a class, we repeat a lot of the same actions when we do Yoga. 327 more words


Thesaurus Follow Up

I have been teaching our 3rd grade students about reference tools, using props of real tools (hammer, screw driver, saw, pliers) to reinforce the concept of tools.   116 more words

Inspirational Words With a Twist

Watch your thoughts,

for they become Words.

Watch your words,

for they become actions.

The are the beginning lines of a well-known inspirational poem. 172 more words

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