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The Joys of Internet Research

How did writers manage years ago – research-wise?

I’m a big believer in the powers of the search engine. Ask a question – any question – and someone’s asked it before you. 373 more words


The Thesaurus: A Writer's Best Friend

I have a confession to make. I frequently get lost in the abysmal black void that is Thesaurus.com. See, I don’t necessarily mean to do this. 502 more words

Tips & Tricks

How many books on writing are too many?

I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a fortress of books. It has only been through a gradual embrace of the electronic age that I have stopped leaving home without at least one book. 547 more words


The Craft of Writing

The process of telling a story has survived largely unchanged since the beginning. The basic premise is always the same: you have an idea that you think people would enjoy (or need to hear), you write it down, you refine it, and then you deliver it. 1,011 more words


Word Crutches and Other "Various" Words

Reading through the first draft of my work in progress, a very kind friend noticed a few words that were a bit overused. One of them was the word “various”. 486 more words

Am Writing

Historic vs. Historical

Historic, adj. important or well-known in history
Historical, adj. pertaining to history
based on an event in the past
having existed in the real world… 31 more words


Slugs and Goddesses: A Recommendation for Writers

A couple years ago, a family member gifted me this book. Now, I don’t like to inspirit writers into using an inflated lexicon without consideration. Words are diverse, lovely things, but it is wise to remember the audience. 480 more words

Book Review