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In Praise of My Thesaurus

Writers who write on writing love to quote the line where Stephen King advises them to throw away their thesaurus, King’s theory being that ‘any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word’. 410 more words

Writing Hints

Picture Book Month: Reading and Writing

What better book to explore when taking about reading and writing than a picture book biography about the man who created the thesaurus that we know and love today. 175 more words


Kick It up a Notch, AKA How to Improve a Snippet of Writing

Hello, class, and welcome to another session of writing instruction. Today we will be discussing that little extra flavoring that will take your excerpt from blasé to at least palatable. 1,024 more words

Short Story

The Flame

in the gloaming gloom
candlewicks charred from past trysts
yearn to be consumed
with no dread of ashy death
the flame’s fervid kiss is life… 26 more words


PowerShell - Get synonyms and antonyms from thesaurus.com (dictionary.com) using PowerShell

It’s not quite comfortable that for everything and every time visiting a website and referring or pulling something, particularly when we are working from command line interface, while reading some help files or documents, certainly I refer dictionary for something or the other, for that I had to quit the command line interface and login into windows to visit the dictionary.com or thesaurus.com to check the meaning of any specific word(s), and then bounce back to CLI to continue where I left, it’s bit painful process every time, so I decided to write 2 small snippets to get the meaning and synonym & Antonym using PowerShell’s… 66 more words


Kateglo.com: Kamus, Thesaurus, dan Glossary untuk Bahasa Indonesia

Kateglo.com adalah sebuah situs web yang bisa digunakan untuk mencari makna kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Jadi ini bukan tipe kamus dwibahasa seperti kamus Indonesia-Inggris, dll. Situs ini dikembangkan oleh Ivan Lanin, dkk tahun 2009. 101 more words