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Is "Said" Dead?

One of the pieces of writing “advice” that I’ve gotten over the years is “said is dead,” meaning don’t use said as a dialogue tag. 192 more words


Words for every situation

I was curious just how many words there actually are in the English language, so I googled it:


Writing Tip: Using a Thesaurus

Some of us write better than we speak, and don’t have the claim to fame of being a walking dictionary. Others have the gift of being able to use clever words in simple conversations. 438 more words


Thesaurus Scamper

For Haiku Horizons’ weekly challenge prompt: skip.

Bolt, skedaddle, flit
hippety-hop, ricochet,
or simply say, “skip”!

kat ~ 16 May 2016

Challenges And Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Today’s WordPress prompt is ‘locked’. Toasted Cheese has this one, “another naked selfie?” Sometimes writing prompts inspire me and sometimes they don’t. So I am looking at the rest of the month’s writing prompts for April. 491 more words

Writing Techniques


Doesn’t it just make you so mad when you can’t find the right words for something? It’s right at the tip of your tongue, but you don’t remember. 153 more words

Thesaurus Rex (Re-mix)

Thesaurus Rex

Rex Murphy, Thesaurus Rex

scold of left and right,

contrarian curmudgeon,

Christopher Hitchens lite.

Rex, you dazzle and perplex

lamenting this, that, the state of the nation… 58 more words