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10 years already

I have the urge to write and get out of my head every single day. I find this purging activity helpful for my health. I do read a lot of things on Quora about depression, questions about treatments, and I am wondering whether what I am doing right now is the proper way to go as it is not medically supervised at all. 1,058 more words

These Days

These days

It is hot

these days

and the bees

are thirsty

they drink

from my 167 more words

Steven Humphreys


Having a crisis every 7-8 years of my life seems almost inevitable to be. So far, I have come out of every crisis as a stronger individual. 891 more words

These Days


I cried almost all night. I fell asleep late, practically parched after all the tears. I woke up way too early and continued crying. It has been a very hard week. 652 more words

These Days

Songs Whose Cover Is Better Than The Original

At least IMHO. BTW, I am not overlooking the passing of Glen Campbell. I have been meaning to write about him for some time but haven’t yet had a chance. 948 more words


Steps forward

I have been busy, and not the superficial type, but the real one, when you are actually spending time doing things that matter, and at the end of the day you feel happy and content about the results. 503 more words

These Days

These Days

There’s nothing better than fresh flowers + a new candle in my bedroom.

A Saturday in the North Bay is my favorite kind of weekend. 41 more words