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chapter 8 done

Here it is guys.

Some big things coming up soon. I hope you stick around and enjoy it.

I won’t stop until These days, has its own page on TV Tropes.


Chapter 8 – ‘This switch,’

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                She sprints to the school at a speed that was once unprecedented for her. Autumn leaves didn’t even have a chance to touch the ground at the gust of a cool breeze. 3,192 more words



I walk the streets we used to roam, hoping to stumble across our ghosts, so they might haunt me once again. 60 more words

These Days

quickie once again

Sorry for of the lack updates, it kind of defeats the purpose of the existence of this blog. Expect everything to come out in two weeks; Chapter 8, and my review over at YuriNation. 24 more words


These Days

Sushi from Sugarfish that’s almost too pretty to eat.

Give me some avocado and some toast, and I’m good to go.

Absolutely beautiful day spent on the beach in Santa Barbara. 13 more words


These Days...

These days Anne is just SO big that mom and dad can barely believe it…saying everything you say back but in a way cuter and funnier her tone: Favorite phrases including: “Oh No what happened?” “What’s dthat?” and “O-Kay” Hoping to engrain these phrases in my mind because I never want to forget them. 173 more words

These Days

In Some Good Instances

On days before breathing’s hard

Under strangers’ roofs yet home never felt


At some brief moments and

In some good instances

We were simply ourselves… 28 more words