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Change Up

Well, 2017 has been hectic and got a little bit crazy AF.

I would love to go into detail, but it is a long and winding story as to how I got into the current situation.   91 more words


and you?

been spending more time than usual

listening to the familiar,

coming home to myself,

healing the scabs instead of picking at them;

been keeping my words on lips… 51 more words

Creative Writing

These Days

Crisp white hydrangeas in my bedroom to brighten up these gloomy Winter days.

My 2017 essentials.

The most beautiful sunset from a weekend getaway to Monterey. 21 more words


After an unsuccessful romantic chase after a recent crush, I’ve been back to reading one of my favorite novels, “These Days” by Jack Chang.

I backed it as a kickstarter project in 2013 and this book really hit close to home.

133 more words

I’ve started re-reading Jack Cheng‘s These Days. This moment when the two protagonists first met kind of struck me:

It was a prelude to a deeper embrace, a hug that said, pay attention, there’s something here.

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Slow Food. Slow Judgement.

Two weeks ago, I attended Roanoke’s first official Pop-Up Dinner. “What’s that?” you ask. Pretty much what it sounds like: a dining experience that “pops up” for a one night only appearance. 998 more words

The Cold

A certain level of privilege naturally makes treating mental illness easier, in access to care, medication and the way one is treated generally. Privilege is the result of a combination of appearance and class, with appearance foremost in how these are intertwined when it comes to the reception one gets just walking around. 529 more words