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These Eyes

(Note: This one was published in the Stranglet Literary Journal . Why? Oh..right..the eyes..thanks Amber.)

I’ve given myself a week to live. I think that’s a reasonable timeframe. 5,006 more words


The night before last my eye started to hurt. Last night it was really painful. Today I want to run my fingernails over my eyeball to scratch it. 112 more words

These Eyes

The Guess Who’s These Eyes is probably my favourite track from these great Canadian musicians. For those who don’t know this song you might recognize it from SuperBad, 30 more words

These Eyes

Were it not these eyes
Which truly looked into
The heart of you
Captivated in the bluest
Of your hues
They never closed
Flooded at the entrance… 119 more words


The Guess Who - These Eyes

Ever since I heard this song in Superbad I have been unable to skip it. They should thank Michael Cera for sure. Don’t worry I put the video so you can get it stuck in your head. 6 more words