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On the Importance of Reading and Writing in Turns

Seneca, Moral Epistles 84

“I believe that these journeys which remove my languor are good for both my strength and my researches. How they profit my health is clear: my love of literature makes me lazy, neglectful of my body. 401 more words

Social media and Martin Luther

Colin James looks at the connections between social media, Martin Luther and a secular Easter

…six months from now will come the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous, and fabled, nailing of “theses” to a church door which sparked a revolution – via the still newish medium of printing.

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Three new doctors in the group!

Recently, Belén, Ana and Nydia have successfully defended their doctoral theses. Congratulations to the trio!

Belén Maldonado studied the ecological functions of dung beetles in an aridity gradient in the Monte desert. 327 more words

Lab Members

Masterson — Newman and the Oxford Movement

Masterson, Sister Mary Maura. “John Henry Cardinal Newman and the Oxford Movement.” M.A. thesis, St. Bonaventure College, 1948.

19th Century

Jones — Treatment of Old Testament Characters and Incidents

Jones, P. R. “The Treatment of Old Testament Characters and Incidents in Old and Middle English Poetry and Drama.” M.A. thesis, University of Wales, 1959.


Milunas — Shakespeare and the Christian View of Man

Milunas, Joseph G., S.J. “Shakespeare and the Christian View of Man.” Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University.

Abstract: Dissertation Abstracts 14 (1954): 526–27.

17th Century

Miller — Double Hunt of Love

Miller, Robert P. “The Double Hunt of Love: A Study of Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis as a Christian Mythological Narrative.” Ph.D. dissertation. Princeton University.

Abstract: Dissertation Abstracts 14 (1954): 2338