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Theses & Dissertations are Available in Shodhganga Website

The Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access. 31 more words

2015 Thesis: "Construction of Philippine Muslim Identity: An Exploratory Ethnography of Values" by Robin C. Asbury

Understanding the psyche and motivations of Muslims has been an increasingly popular topic discussion. Popular media that tries to dissect the issue has a tendency to essentialize Islam and Muslims, which is a disservice to one of the world’s most diverse religions. 169 more words


2015 Thesis: "Pagtuhan: The Taosug Gnosis as a Living Tradition" by Darwin J. Absari

Pagtuhan is define as ‘pangila ha Tuhan’ (recognition of God) which requires knowledge and witnessing of the object of knowledge. It is practiced, transmitted, and kept intact by Taosug Mystics known as the… 707 more words


2015 Thesis: "Cyberspace Da'wah: A Study on Muslim Filipinos Online" by Luqman L. Bin Usman Imam

This study was conducted among Muslim Filipinos Online who themselves conduct and participate in Cyberspace Da’wah. The following objectives of this study are (1) To know what is Cyberspace Da’wah; (2) To discern how Muslim Filipinos conduct Cyberspace Da’wah; (3) To know the goals of Cyberspace Da’wah; (4) To identify what types of people participate in Cyberspace Da’wah; (5) To identify the trending topics in Cyberspace Da’wah; and (6) To know the effects of Cyberspace Da’wah. 232 more words


2016 Thesis: "Zakat Institution: A Study on its Contribution to the Community Development in Talipao, Sulu" by Alpha Jairi Untih

This study is entitled “Zakat Institution: A Study on its Contribution to the Community Development in Talipao, Sulu”. It aimed to provide answers of the following inquiries: 521 more words