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Since the Beginning of Time, Introductions Have Been Killing Souls: A How-To on Tasteful Introductions

It’s that time of the semester where papers are running ramped and you have no idea how to even begin tackling them. I know; I’ve been there. 1,252 more words

Thesis Statements: Call Back-up!

We’ve discussed thesis statements (and topic sentences!) in class, and we’ve worked on a number of exercises. If you’re still having some problems with writing a TS, then here’re some back-up links you can check out: 13 more words

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Writing Introductions: "Attention Grabber" In-Class Activity

During the first writing project of the semester, I did a couple of units on the different parts of an essay (introductions, body paragraphs/topic sentences, and conclusions). 339 more words


Teaching Analytical Writing: Essay Skeletons

Hi there! I’m back with the third installment of my series on teaching analytical writing. Last time, I explained the TIQA paragraph, which I see as the building block of an analytical essay, and described how I give students a lot of practice writing analytical paragraphs before moving onto essays. 477 more words


How to Write a Thesis Statement

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Before I go any farther in the area of research papers, I need to discuss thesis statements. Yes, it’s in the curriculum, but a lot of teachers don’t even know what one is, much less how to teach the art of writing thesis statements. 151 more words

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The “Top-down” Approach to Writing Thesis Statements and Starting Papers

Gregory Fraser and Chad Davidson’s book Analyze Anything: A Guide to Critical Reading and Writing has some specific examples of how to be more specific when writing essays. 480 more words


Blogging can be detrimental to a persons social skills because they will become more comfortable with communicating through text and from behind a computer screen, causing them to lack in skills to have physical conversations with others.

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