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Application Approach 3.0

So, this week students are beginning what, normally in a 16-week course, represents my approach to the back half of the Composition 2 course – the… 280 more words

Scholarly Research

Tactic #19: Metaphor as Map for Precision (for teachers)

Metaphor is a tool whose power should not be underestimated. When the Tao Teh Ching suggests the best of humans is like water, it doesn’t simply link the concepts of character and actions with water as similar and dissimilar elements, the metaphor also becomes a guide for investigation of the relationship between the two principles over an extended period of time. 590 more words


ELA9 Final Exam Structure and Exam Review

Final Examination Rules and Policies

Part One: Short Answer (jot note/point form)

  • questions about short stories and poem
  • thesis statements
  • how to integrate quotations
  • bibliographies…
  • 187 more words

Since the Beginning of Time, Introductions Have Been Killing Souls: A How-To on Tasteful Introductions

It’s that time of the semester where papers are running ramped and you have no idea how to even begin tackling them. I know; I’ve been there. 1,252 more words

Thesis Statements: Call Back-up!

We’ve discussed thesis statements (and topic sentences!) in class, and we’ve worked on a number of exercises. If you’re still having some problems with writing a TS, then here’re some back-up links you can check out: 13 more words

Essay Writing

Writing Introductions: "Attention Grabber" In-Class Activity

During the first writing project of the semester, I did a couple of units on the different parts of an essay (introductions, body paragraphs/topic sentences, and conclusions). 339 more words


Teaching Analytical Writing: Essay Skeletons

Hi there! I’m back with the third installment of my series on teaching analytical writing. Last time, I explained the TIQA paragraph, which I see as the building block of an analytical essay, and described how I give students a lot of practice writing analytical paragraphs before moving onto essays. 477 more words