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Dear thesixtyone.com, don't ignore me, please

Before bandcamp I published my songs on thesixtyone.com. The idea to have different character classes (listener, artist) collecting points and levels appeal to my roleplayer-heart and it was fun. 374 more words


Ontdek nieuwe muziek via thesixtyone.com

Nieuwe muziek ontdekken is altijd leuk, vroeger gebruikte ik hier meestal Last.fm radio voor, maar helaas is die functie al enige tijd alleen nog maar voor subscribers beschikbaar. 86 more words


big trend for the next 5 years: using game mechanics to teach users your product

I wrote about game mechanics previously, but this idea is beginning to pop up in a lot of different places.

Robert Scoble wrote a great post about… 230 more words


...in which she bakes some cakes!

I did! I baked cakes! It was totally on a whim too, I was just kinda bored and had to rummage about in the cupboard for ingredients but I just about had what I needed. 682 more words

Much the Same - Gut Shot

Well, folks, thesixtyone has struck again.  I’ve discovered yet another song that I must have.  Its seems that there is an inverse relationship between how much I want a song and the length of time that LimeWire takes to download it.   122 more words

Eagle Seagull

Originally, I wanted to listen to this song because I loved the title.  But, now, I can’t get it out of my head.

Eagle Seagull – I’m Sorry, But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face… 68 more words