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Roussanou Nunnery at sunrise. Spectacularly perched atop rocky pinnacles in Thessaly, the Meteora monasteries are among the most striking sights in Greece. The name Meteora (Μετεωρα) is Greek for “suspended in the air,” which perfectly describes these six remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries. 94 more words

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Mycenaean swords and daggers of the 16th century BC, possibly the heyday of the Lapith people.

By Periklis Deligiannis

Part I

Those who do not consider Theseus as an historical figure, at least in Attica, assume that his figure came from the “fusion” of different heroes of the Mycenaean Age. 1,386 more words

Amours 1.194

Quelle langueur ce beau front des-honore ?
Quel voile obscur embrunist ce flambeau ?
Quelle palleur dépourpre ce sein beau,
Qui per à per combat avec l’Aurore? 433 more words

THESEUS (part I)

A typical boar-tusk helmet of the Mycenaean period. The belligerent Lapiths, the people of Theseus, were obviously using it widely. 

By Periklis Deligiannis 2,131 more words