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Reading "Bad Moon Rising"

The first and most apparent thing to notice about issue #34 is that Shawn McManus is not doing the art; Colleen Doran is filling in (we last saw her work on… 932 more words


Aglaonice – 2nd or 1st Century BCE – Thessaly, Greece

Known as the ‘Witch of Thessaly’ Aglaonice was considered a sorceress for her ability to predict the movements of the moon.

In fact, Aglaonice (sometimes… 309 more words

Women's History

Book Review: The Philosopher Kings by Jo Walton

I’m not sure that most people would agree with me that The Philosopher Kings is a fun read, but I enjoyed it at least as well as I did its predecessor,  866 more words


The Kastro Kallithea Field School Blog No. 3: Uncovering the Clues of Ancient Life, by Aysha Braun and Kassandra Kist

For outsiders, a common view of Classical archaeology is that scholars only study complete and beautiful artefacts and vessels such as the ones that are found in museums. 411 more words


The Philosopher Kings, by Jo Walton

After reading The Just City, I was super excited to see what would happen next to my favorite Plato-embracing humans. If you haven’t read… 524 more words


Review: The Just City by Jo Walton

Series: Thessaly #1
Published by: Tor Books
ISBN: 1466800828
ISBN 13: 9781466800823
Published: January 2015
Pages: 369 pages
Format reviewed: eBook (bought)
Site: Author Site… 822 more words


The Kastro Kallithea 2015 Field School Blog No. 1: Lauren Harding and Emilie Heaton on Roof tiles

Why do we study roof tiles?

We study roof tiles because they show one element of how ancient houses were constructed and roofed, and they are a highly transportable artefact that can be easily carried back to the Apothiki for further study of their fabric and shape. 330 more words