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The Friday Football Foodie: Sicilian Christmas Pizza, Sfincione

Just because you go into a game expecting to lose it doesn’t mean you are better prepared for actually losing, especially when the game could have easily swung the other direction. 1,489 more words


The Friday Football Foodie - College Bowls of Nuts: Cocoa Bourbon Pecans and Spiced Cocoa Almonds

Originally this week I had planned on doing a snack guide for the entire college football bowl season, but when I realized I could only make so many BYU/Utah Jello jokes I decided to fall back on lazy jabs about college football fans being nuts. 949 more words


Not to keep picking on Ocho's Twitter account this week...

Not to keep picking on Ocho’s Twitter account this week, but isn’t odd that he doesn’t follow the Twitter account of his own TOcho Show? (Twitter of course providing the very useful information of showing users which accounts are followed by users you already follow.) 92 more words


A post where someone travels back in time four months to tell themselves how their supposedly "great draft" went in the future.

So one of my fantasy football leagues, the THUNDERDOME which is made up of Steelers fans and bloggers, was emailing about our playoffs this morning and we were all laughing about how a team that started out 1-4 ended up being a top seed, games that went bad and players that had let us down. 318 more words


The Friday Football Foodie: Thursday Football Dessert, Vanilla Ice Cream, Single Malt Scotch and Ground Pepper

Just a quick Thursday Night Football dessert suggestion if you are looking for something sweet to finish off the Colts season tonight’s Indianapolis-Tennessee game. Good vanilla ice cream, about an ounce of single malt scotch (it doesn’t have to be the good stuff), and a few turns of the pepper grinder yields a sweet treat which surprisingly tastes of caramel with a slight bite of ground pepper. 168 more words


Steelers 13 Ravens 10: Recap


Bengals next week. Don’t dismiss Cincinnati, they’re dying to play spoiler in the AFC North and almost came back against the Saints this week.