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Conflicting Resources

We’ve all seen the ads. Our product is the best! No, OUR product in the best! We see these differences of opinions in many aspects of our lives, including the spiritual. 977 more words

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Grounding, Basics

When I first started my metaphysical journey no one really emphasized grounding. The higher chakras were the rock stars that received a lot of attention as everyone was looking to receive more higher guidence from the divine. 592 more words


The Rainbow Bridge

A few days ago I was leaving the vet office. In the parking lot was a young couple visibly distraught. They had with them a beautiful soul who had all the bones showing and was not about to “do business” though desperately trying. 534 more words

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Hoping to Find a Miracle “Cure”

When dealing with infertility, I was hoping to find something that would make the impossible possible, even if we were told that a birth defect was the cause of our infertility. 639 more words


Today, I have an important message for someone. It’s been persistent!

If you have a situation that you haven’t been able to find a great solution for, change your perspective. 288 more words

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Behold Life

As I was laying in bed enjoying the symphony of the birds, I was reminded that every breath I take is breathing in life. Every beautiful drink of water is nourishing, revitalizing, cleansing, and life giving. 157 more words

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Needing a Push to Move Forward?

Do you feel like you are ready to leap from the ledge and into your most wonderful life but you just can’t seem to do it? 882 more words

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