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ME to WE

It’s a new year with a lot of potential and possibilities waiting. And, it’s an exciting time! As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of change in 2017. 929 more words

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What thoughts is your mind cultivating?

Have you ever asked yourself what the thoughts really are? Where are their coming from? Have you ever tried to observe your thoughts to follow your mind and discover where is it taking you? 458 more words

Spiritual Evolution

Belief Wars

Did you know that you might be right in the middle of a war? A belief war! That’s right. We hold many beliefs. Some are in direct opposition to each other. 378 more words

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Spiritual Attachments: Have addictions, an obsessive desire for someone or something, or just feel off?

A spiritual attachment is a spirit that has attached itself to your energy field/aura. I see them a little balls of energy usually orange or black. 473 more words


Clearing Out Again and Again - Go Deep and Go Strong

Interestingly enough, I am again guided to go back through things to de-clutter. Energetically, I have found that clearing out clutter and organizing things is very refreshing. 652 more words

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Chance, Choice, and Judgment

We have been ingrained to think of change in terms of being “good” or being “bad”. But, what is that doing? Either designation is judgement and it adds that energy to the equation of how things play out with change. 267 more words

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Happiness and Joy - A Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek at the type of information that will be highlighted on my new website that is in development.

To me, there is a bit of difference between happiness and joy. 443 more words

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