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Theta Healing Courses in Delhi Can Alter Your Brain

If you wish to alter the current situation of your life, then enroll for theta healing courses in Delhi. This type of healing empowers you “refresh” your life, but unlike your computer, you cannot refresh a page in just one click. 307 more words

Theta Healing Courses In Delhi

Healer, Is It You?

As a person who is committed to helping others feel and BE better and to connect more fully to their own Divinity, it is easy to make assumptions. 564 more words

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When You Get Sick

When things aren’t going your way, it’s very important to keep your emotions as close to joy as you can. I know! It’s not particularly easy, is it? 881 more words

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Theta Healing Courses in Delhi: Benefits of Theta Explained

The way we are being raised up as a kid, the mind starts to form certain beliefs and it fuels the subconscious mind. The subconscious dictates us what’s right and what’s wrong as per these beliefs, which are most of the times the barrier to a limitless life. 269 more words

Theta Healing

Prophets and Psychic Mediums, is there a difference?

I had a client last night asking me if it was sinful as a Christian to believe in and talk to psychics. I reminded her that many people in the Bible, including many of the saints in Catholicism, were prophets, which is an old time-y way to say psychic. 499 more words


Are You A Chain Smoker?

Yes I AM talking to you! You may be thinking that you’ve never smoked in your life. But, I bet you have! I bet you’ve allowed an irritation to cause you to fume and smoke. 771 more words

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A few days ago, I was getting ready to send love to all and I asked if there was a focus that would be helpful. The understanding was summed up in one word – cohesion. 467 more words

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