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Shortcomings / Dark Jewels

People are often confused about what constitutes a shortcoming versus what is a behaviour pattern. Below is a list of the Dark Jewels and the Shortcomings that arise from each of them. 421 more words



The Toltec practice of numerology adds the jewel numbers by single digits. If the sum total is greater than 33, then the digits of the final number are added once more (34 becomes 7). 856 more words

Encyclopedia Entry

The World of the Sorcerers

There is a marvellous world beyond this world, known as The World of the Sorcerers – dazzling in its splendour and permeated with a power that is awesome. 98 more words


The Elephant Dreaming Class

Gentle giant – he who is warrior, friend and pillar of strength.

” … an old woman, symbol for the tonal of man, ugly and emaciated from ages of neglect, waits within the flat-topped mountain above the Cape of Storms, dreaming of the day when then young elephant will free her, and with his love and care, nurse her back to her former strength and beauty – she who is the mother of all”. 59 more words


The nagal's Insignia

A wolf verbalization…

The symbol above is featured in the official insignia that, in the past, was traditionally worn by all trained and active nagals. The following verbalization is a transcription of the ideogram which, upon his inauguration as active nagal, was transferred to the nagal from the nagal who trained him, along with this insignia. 295 more words


Jewel #20 - Honour

Le Jugement – Honour

I stand naked within my grave, this earthly residence I term my abode. I was dead and buried, now I am resurrected to new life. 115 more words