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Unfamiliar Circumstances

There is an assumption that life has to it some predictability, yet every once in a while one can find oneself just standing there and thinking WTF…One has no idea what to try next…the fourth postulate of stalking applies: 341 more words


The Heralds of Eternity

We cannot claim that the ally is a moth as we ordinarily know moths. Nonetheless, moths are the heralds of eternity, and because of this they carry on their wings the gold dust of eternity. 172 more words


A Note On nagal Beings

“By a difference in fate, I am referring to the fact that it is the principle duty of every nagal to impart those particular aspects of the teachings, and in such a manner, that best meets the needs of those he is striving to lead to freedom. 489 more words


Dreaming Aphorisms

Once you have eliminated your view of the world you will realise that there are an infinite number of different realities. To access these realities means having to dream them in, in exactly the same way you dreamed into existence your social conditioning. 175 more words


The Rule of the Three – First Insight

The Rule of the Three Pronged Nagal – First Insight

Toltecs have long been contemplating the deeper implications inherent within the act of incarnation. Although it is true that, since they are attached to the wheel of rebirth, the majority of beings have no choice in this matter, how do we define the urge that drives free beings into incarnation as if they too have no choice? 177 more words


Decisions Aphorisms

There are only right and wrong decisions. If you make the wrong decision your heart knows it, and so does the heart of everyone around you. 254 more words