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Various Degrees - Toltec "Grading"

Apprentice: A newly recruited novice.

Hunter: An apprentice who has achieved a working knowledge of what it means to hunt for power.

Warrior: A hunter who has achieved a working knowledge of the First and Second Attention. 159 more words


Toltec Aphorisms - Death

Only those who come to the Warrior’s Path prepared to die can possibly hope to succeed in becoming warriors, for the Warrior’s Path can only be mastered if mastering it means survival. 196 more words


Toltec Aphorisms - Dreaming

You are but the dream of your dreamer. You are not your body, or your mind; not even your luminous cocoon, the double. These are only the elemental units that have been dreamed in by the Eagle, and which are coalesced by the dreamer, through a focussing of its… 110 more words


Toltec Aphorisms

To be a sorcerer is a most debilitating burden. It is infinitely better to learn to see. A man who sees is everything, whereas the sorcerer is a wretched and miserable creature, confined to spending his life manipulating the natural order of things. 61 more words


Shortcomings / Dark Jewels

People are often confused about what constitutes a shortcoming versus what is a behaviour pattern. Below is a list of the Dark Jewels and the Shortcomings that arise from each of them. 421 more words


The World of the Sorcerers

There is a marvellous world beyond this world, known as The World of the Sorcerers – dazzling in its splendour and permeated with a power that is awesome. 98 more words


The Elephant Dreaming Class

Gentle giant – he who is warrior, friend and pillar of strength.

” … an old woman, symbol for the tonal of man, ugly and emaciated from ages of neglect, waits within the flat-topped mountain above the Cape of Storms, dreaming of the day when then young elephant will free her, and with his love and care, nurse her back to her former strength and beauty – she who is the mother of all”. 59 more words