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Strategy, Recapitulation and Transformation

The complete recapitulation of a life is vital to the strategy necessary for transformation. Here are some Toltec aphorisms pertaining.


Mind Body And Spirit

The Rule of the Three Pronged Nagal – First Insight

Toltecs have long been contemplating the deeper implications inherent within the act of incarnation. Although it is true that, since they are attached to the wheel of rebirth, the majority of beings have no choice in this matter, how do we define the urge that drives free beings into incarnation as if they too have no choice? 177 more words


La Maison Dieu - Tarot 16

This card points at how all the arrogance and self-importance of man can bring about his downfall. The lessons that come when this card is “in play” are often of a harsh nature. 35 more words


Fear - The First Natural Enemy

Here are some Toltec aphorisms pertaining to FEAR.