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Can "Jeepers Creepers: The Cathedral" bring back the chills?

Apparently Jeepers Creepers is also one of those films that, for some reason, have to be brought back to life after year-long pauses. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely risky. 536 more words


7 Warning Signs That You Need to End Your "FRIENDSHIP"

TLC said it best in 1992…“What about your friends…Will they stand their ground…Will they let you down again?” True friends are hard to come by. Our lives are like revolving doors…People are constantly coming in and going out. 1,198 more words

Positive thinking is not enough!

Like attracts like, therefore if you think and feel negatively you will attract and manifest that into your life, thinking positive is not enough as you can think positive and still feel negative, people can’t drag you down only your reaction to their… 701 more words

Health & Well-being

What people think

Other people may have opinions about you and the things that you do.  You know what you are capable of.  Do not let anyone direct your life.   18 more words


De-coding A Man's Words

Men have a funny way of expressing how they really feel so they tend to use phrases to women that do not exactly reveal their true feelings. 698 more words


“Seven Qualities of Master Achievers”

 by Brian Tracy

If you think the way successful people think and adopt their success habits, you too can be successful. Here are seven qualities of the top 1% of successful people. 1,170 more words


Uncommon Friendships

I have been blessed with some truly remarkable friendships, the once-in-a-lifetime kind.  These friendships are the kind that allow us to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with each other without condemnation, shame or judgement.   337 more words