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Insomniatic Paranoia

I am weary eyed with
Tongue knotted to my teeth.
Rip skin.
Taste blood.
I cannot control the unseeable.
The shadows that walk like me. 69 more words


Paranoid Delusions?

I’ve been told I’m worry some. This much I can usually concede to most people, but everyday it seems there’s more evidence to feed into my delusions. 204 more words


Welcome to our America

A few months ago the Pew Research Center released data that nearly turned me hopeful. The report stated that the number of Americans who say that it’s “necessary to give up civil liberties in order to curb terrorism” had decreased significantly over the decade since the attacks of 9/11. 436 more words


Can't see what your neighbor's doing on Facebook? They're probably a terrorist.

Privacy and justice: two mores that have been paramount to our culture since the first days of the revolution. These ideals were present when the sculptors of our society decided not to allow soldiers to house in any estate they pleased, or to make use of the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. 361 more words


I'm sure they'll just call them paranoid delusions...

While many things in contemporary America are uncertain, it is impossible to deny that the America we’re apart of is vastly different than the country which raised our parents. 420 more words


Ode to the Crack Dealer On My Stoop

Deer Crack Dealer,

You aren’t fooling anyone.

Hookers don’t talk to you like you have crack in your pocket, they don’t offer to suck you off like they do everyone else who passes by. 163 more words