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Calm breathing

When the body is in unrest, the mind is in unrest
When the mind is at rest, the body can rest
When the body is at rest, the mind can rest…

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Keeping busy

Not long ago, I wrote a relative in the chatty way one writes relatives, with whom meaningful conversations are apparently impossible, involving, as they might, honest emotion. 919 more words

Part 1: No one understands? Think mindfully!

“In my entire life no one has ever understood me but my dog.” This is a statement I read during my writing group and upon reading this I immediately underlined it and wrote in the margin: “Too sad! 1,035 more words

Thich Nhat Hahn

In Praise of Moose

This past week I walked a portion of the Long Trail in Vermont.  For five days I backpacked with my cousin Tom from Lincoln Gap to the base of Camels Hump. 320 more words

Mourning Has Broken: A Book Review

I read this book during a time of loss and sadness. When my spirits were so low neither music nor books could enter my heart. Numerous books remained unread, the words and stories therein unable to penetrate the wall.  1,002 more words


The Mindful Mean Girl

“Real beauty is in the inside.” We have been taught this since kindergarten and many of us would agree that it’s true. We try our best to remember this yet every now and then we just can’t help it: we analyze, we critique, we judge. 872 more words