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Some are tightly lashed
And tethered together
Like the fate of
Astronauts depends on it

To spacewalk

Or sailors in the Bering
Sea need to survive… 157 more words



I’ve felt the heavens shift today. I think I’m going to be ok. I’ve painted my blues away. When the going gets tough, I fake it and keep going. 180 more words

My Girl

Back in the year 2000 this girl and I, if asked about the other, would have said, “She seems like a bitch.” (We weren’t wrong) 576 more words

Suckers, Theatre N16

Thick and Thin’s debut Brains¬†showed a lot of promise as a satire of privatised healthcare and their new effort, Suckers is very similar except instead of zombies and privatisation we get vampires and politics. 474 more words



The unknown is the future coming in,
It’s telling you what you’ve always been.
Play your cards right is my unknown,
but it’s how I accept what I am told. 56 more words


Where are you right now? At the point where the grass is green, the flowers are fresh and blossoming and the water is calm? Or you are on a rough and patchy road, where the wild beasts are circling and the storm is gathering? 170 more words

Life & Motivation

Let's be Friends

Dear readers,

Think about this. That very person or persons that you”v been through thick and thin, birthdays, weddings, babies, death, laughter, borrowed the car, slept in their house, deep connection with family. 30 more words

Random Thoughts