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Eat It All!

Constantly trying different exercises and new diets take us on a scary and pretty disappointing path that eventually leads to self doubt and lack of confidence in oneself. 265 more words

You Go Gurrlll!

This is for all the ladies out there!

It is time to break some rules and show the world who we really are. It is time to change the perception of women’s bodies from the minds of people all over the world. 412 more words

Day 16 February Photo Fest

When I saw this image, I immediately thought of Dark Shadows (the tv show, not the movie).  There was something slightly retro about it, so I added a retro/weird filter.

“My Dark Shadows”


Just Like Honey

O. M. G.

The response to my “Thick Thighs and Bodacious Breasts” post has been AMAZING.

Imagine spending your whole life HATING your body only to find a smidge of love for it at age 43. 240 more words


On loving my thighs

As a 27 year-old woman, I’ve been fighting the daily struggle to love my body for oh…probably 20 years or so?

I will be the first to admit that my upper arms look like the sad, deflating balloons left over from a small child’s birthday party. 383 more words

Body Love